Why should you visit India?
Why should you visit India? india stories

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Why should you visit India?

Hello. Avneesh, this side, and I am 15. I was born here, living and ready to give up my whole life for this beautiful country named India.

This country is so high that you can't even imagine. I think that everyone's heard of the Seven Wonders of the World. But do you what the Seventh Wonder Of the World is?

It is the Taj Mahal. And it is situated in India only!! The great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan constructed it.

I know this for sure that you will love our country's food as there are multiple varieties. The country has got various traditions and religions.

Here, you also get the Right to Freedom of Religion. I

India has mastered many sports. Some of them are Cricket, Hockey, and Kabaddi.

There are many ancient monuments like Qutub Minar, Gateway Of India, Charminar, etc.

India has over 100 national parks and over 500 wildlife sanctuaries to save the endangered species of flora and fauna.

I think that now you have learned much about my country and I invite you to come to this beautiful paradise. At last, this is how I describe the most beautiful country in the world.

Please share your experience with me about India that you have read in the comments section

Sorry for sending this post too late. I authentically got diligent with my personal works. I will endeavor to not do this mistake again. Kindly forgive me.

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