ode to my sis :)
ode to my sis :) love stories

aesthetic_avi I AM GROOT!
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Hello fellow writers, this is my first creation so I thought I would dedicate this to my elder sister as she spured me to write. love u sis :P.

ode to my sis :)

This is a rap,

'bout my sister;

She's like the

Finland's Prime Minister.

She's very young,

and too cute;

Taking right decisions

and not lettin' anyone mute.

She at all times

do the sin, cos, tan;

And consistently tells me

to become a better man.

Her nature is nice.

Singing voice is fine.

But the way she studies,

Uffff...I can't cross that lines.

East or West,

my sister is the best;

If ya don't believe me,

take her a 'Special Ops' test.

I don't only like my sis,

I like my family too.

But this rap is dedicated to her,

So Didi...I LOVE YOU.

Thank You!

Constructive criticism appreciated. It shows you guys cared to read my poem :)

P.S.- She got tears in her eyes after reading this.

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