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What happened when I saved a life. Read and find out!


Earlier one day, I was going back to my hometown with my friends, Jenny and Harper.

We went to the railway station and were waiting for the train which was about to arrive 5 minutes later.

The moment I got to know that the train was delayed by 2 hours, I flew off the handle.

Jenny was busy chatting with her friends on the phone while Harper was in the bathroom.

I, standing by myself, saw a small child. His clothes were ripped and he was covered in dirt.

He looked around the age of 7-8 and was begging for money from people waiting for the train.

Gloomily, no one was giving him any money. He came to me and begged for money.

I didn't have any cash in my pocket but I felt bad for the boy so I gave him some of my snacks that we were going to use during our journey.

But he didn't seem satisfied.

He took it and went to a strange place. As I had nothing to do for 2 hours, I followed him along secretly.

He went to a tent. I saw there were some other children.

They all put in what they've collected all day into an old bedsheet which was torn from some places.

After some time, a cruel-looking man came towards them and seemed to do something unpleasant.

When I went closer, I saw he was asking for all the money the children collected.

The small child whom I gave snacks was brutally beaten up by the man because he didn't get any money instead he got eatables. He was scared and shivered.

I called the children helpline, told them the whole scenario and asked them to come as soon as possible.

The man was caught and put into custody and the children were taken to an orphanage. I was honoured by the policemen and Jenny and Harper missed everything

By Avneesh Sawhney

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