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aeaeaerish Community member
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A poem about how one feels about her lover, and her experiences with her past lover. (This is a draft of a poem and it really is dear to my heart, please do send my way some criticism. Would very much help me improve, Thank you!)


My heart sank lowly

Of the simple words uttered in the conversation

Maybe the future isn't far ahead

For it seems to be getting closer each second

The deepest level, my heart did sank

Head slowly feeling heavy

With it, the feeling of lightheadedness shown

And maybe then did the fury of evil open

My past has given me problems to fix today

Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up early

Maybe someday be it welcome you to my arms

Although I act as if I even care anymore

One wise, wise man once taught me to never trust men

For men are only there to aggravate and pain your presence

I have lost sense of trust and care for others, even myself

Someday shall the knowledge of my brain be passed onto future generations to help assemble

Oh wise, wise man, may your future be as bright as your sight

May it be blurry as a light on sight

Show my strength for my love is forever broken by you

And shall the future admirers of mine be warned of my attitude

Grow upon me oh dear sins

For my mistakes are there to build me as a person, not wreck me down like a ship

Shall my love prevail and hurry?

Or shall it be broken down and used by others?

Never once have I been in a car that felt like home

I wish that someday you'll be the home I'll forever only need

Ours shouldn't be made for the cause of money

Hence it shall be made for the effect of our immortal love

My blood, in which I sacrifice to love and care for you

My heart, in pieces in which I have chosen to give to you

My body in which I am willingly offering for you to love and to care for

And myself, wherein respect and obedience is given and received from.

Shall I be a minor character that shows a minor appearance in your story?

Or shall I be the female lead that steals your heart and runs off with you?

I'd rather be your supporting character where I can be there for you whenever you need me

Tears in my eyes I hope to see you someday

Darkness shows upon my eyes

Whilst brown glistens upon it when sunlight strikes

Yours a deep hazel green

Weakens me to the bone whenever I see it or even think about it

Shall we now rejoice to the fact that you're mine?

Or shall I wake up to the fact that you're not?

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