"Wished I was there"
"Wished I was there" poetry stories

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A poem about an ill girl who longs to live life, but time is limited and so was she, alongside her dearly beloved, she tries her best to be happy, to smile, for that's what she wanted to be remembered as, a smiling joyful person with a face that showed no fear, but love for everyone around her.

"Wished I was there"

Everything happens at a constant

Ironic the way life works, hated you with intense rage

Now I love you and you love me

Show me the everglades of this beautiful, peril island

Trapped in the sunset reflection on your olive green eyes

Play to the sudden urge of excitement when you hear my name

Tell me to stay, tell God to let me see another day

Im fighting a battle with my heart and life at the same time

Smile at the fallen angel you once adored

I'll wipe the tears you shed whilst lying in your bed

Forever was never till now

Making you smile was my vow

We're anything brighter than even the sun

Promise the one you'd wed

To visit the world, write about the fantastic journeys

And read it to me when my spirit roams high

Socialize with the unfamiliar faces along the cracked concrete

Meet people with the desired passions and creativity

Learn how to have fun/smile/cry without me

Don't say goodbye instead see you later l

I'll wait for you to join me, someday!

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