"What she dreamed of"
"What she dreamed of"  freewrite stories

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Call of words retaining the words;Scars
Speaking peace
Shattered-glass world
Now and never
Full moon
Sweet flower
Some leave the world too soon
Written in creative writing class, one of my best free write works!

"What she dreamed of"

What she dreamed of was white lilies blooming in the mid-fields, people speaking peace in a shattered-glass world, the scars on her arms to disappear thinly through her cold-blooded veins,

and the invisible voices seeping slowly down to her explosive heart.

She remembered the feeling of joyness plastered on her face, she lost the ability to smile, laugh, to feel happy again, maybe if they'd all believed her,

she could go back to the person people once upon a time loved.

The river she went to spare the memories she secretly kept, dandelions, daisies, sunflowers, cyclamens, poppies, pansies, violets, mimosas, daffodils, lilies, hyacinths, anemones, buttercups,

bluebells, Bougainvilleas, primroses, another dream was to be surrounded by the sweet flowers she hand picked before her beautiful tragedy.

When you deal with suffering for so long, it's a limited time before you had enough to go where the white light brightly shines.

Now and never, she fell into a river of hidden souls, her soul dispersed with many others who came before her...

once upon a full moon some leave the world too soon before their life begins to bloom.

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