"The best of us"
"The best of us" freewrite stories

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A freewrite regarding the topic of procrastination for my creative writing class.

"The best of us"

Weaknesses, failures, arduous obstacles, living challenges, and what we do best is procrastinate in every single one of them.

Why do people procrastinate, because they're panic-stricken on what happens next, it's a new chapter of their own autobiography book, one that doesn't end until they wind up dead.

We could be so much more beyond what everyone thinks of us, there are extraordinary humans out there,

vicious people say we can't be like them but see we're even better and creatively spectacular.

Procrastination is our soul-eating fiend, holding us back, binding us in a tightening, suffocating rope, tear down the overwhelming barrier keeping you locked, open your blades,

and destroy the rope with a profound confidence that the time is now, you're ready to flip on to the next page.

Take a step forward if you're courageous enough to walk, take a brief look at the clock, and realize, procrastination will end in failure reaching to get us, in some days of the week,

we all let it take the best of us.

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