"Poison Ivy"
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Before Poison Ivy came to Gotham City, and enthralled in mother nature's powers, inheriting them as her own.

"Poison Ivy"

Revelations, misfits, hidden identity encompass what was once known as Gotham City. - Poison Ivy

30 years earlier:

Sprouted with birthmarks of leaf-shaped patterns, Poison Ivy came into the malevolence of the world.

Plants grew magically, mystically from the roots of her eggshell physique, sage green orbs glinted at broad daylight, shielded secretly at night, like nature visibly seen mid-day,

yet invisible against the snow white moon.

Years came at no hurry, none indeed, nature embraced Poison Ivy with tranquil serenades of the trees chanting, "Green Queen", with an ambrosial dress, mixed in with poppies, bells of Ireland,

Anastasia spider mums, anthuriums, green cymbidium orchids, "green star" gladiolus, and stinking hellebores embraided gracefully, majesty of the green throne, sincerely mother nature herself.

Nature held her in safe hands, a mother to her did not have to appear humanlike, but someone/something, to make her feel she felt loved, not lost or burdened in either direction.

In these moments, being needed by a force bigger than life itself, her sage green eyes ignited fire, wallowing in conquest, to redeem Bruce Wayne, her brother whom they wanted,

not the girl who was greener than destruction.

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