"Jealous reeks in your voice"
"Jealous reeks in your voice" poetry stories
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adriurena Community member
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A poem entry for Laiba &Hailey's contest, one that suprisingly I wrote fast, one of my best works!

"Jealous reeks in your voice"

Fortunate people get everything they ever wanted

Invaluable materialistic possessions, a habit to flaunt it

On daddy's credit card, you bought it, fancied riches and lovingly majestic pearls

Nightfall approaches impious contemplations assassinating the girls

Located in the gardens, she lets down her rose-gold hair, falling to bottomless slumber

Another naive-guileless helpless daughter, just another one added to my killing number

As my knife drew closer my mother's whispers said

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life, looking at it I should have been the one dead instead

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