"A window's field of vision"
"A window's field of vision" creativewriting stories

adriurena Community member
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A short writing prompt of what I see outside the window while I write freely as what nature offers at the moment.

"A window's field of vision"

Morning sunrises blooms in the field of vision, rising slightly upon the emptiness clear blue sky, overpowering the environment, wildlife, landscape, the scenery placed in front of me.

A stillness of serenity envelops the feeling of security, safeness typing sophisticatedly, luxuriantly with the presence of silence.

Butterflies soar through sultry winds, perching on top of magenta wildflowers, blind beetles ascend gently alongside the jalapeno garden, one takes the full view for what it is,

appreciates the tranquility before the storm takes in.

The outside feels homely, at the same time utilizes a deep attraction of loneliness, reduced human contact, children seeking to play, for now we agree to safely stay away.

Trees sway, dancing the rhythms of wind's songs, black cats saunter the entryway of the hardened gate, meowing for a purpose.

When I write, the day flies by, the scorching sun echoing goodbye, night enters willfully with the dreaming stars, outside the window capturing it all.

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