"A day worth remembering"
"A day worth remembering" mexico stories

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A real life story of going to Mexico with it's vivacious spirited destinations, locality and exquisite cuisines, a day I still remember.

"A day worth remembering"

Four years ago, in the heat of summer's scorching-yellow midday sun, my half-brother, dad, and myself went to Mexico, for the reason alone my brother had a root canal, in any foreign country,

the dentists are extremely cheap to get work done, like plastic surgeons, but the great downfall numerous people have ,

they experience bad times for the dumbness of their sore-thumbed minds.

(LOOK AT RATINGS FIRST), we traveled by car that day, loud Spanish music blasting out of my dad's Toyota tundra grey 2009 truck, a car party I never knew I needed,

to see the smiles among their all the time serious faces, it was a deep connection both shared, a beautiful relationship between father and son, if you saw them happily talking,

you would never guess the dark past each went through with each other, we all have secrets, regrets, scars, ones that can't be mended with a simple band aid, it becomes stitches,

they'll fade away, but in the back of the mind, you'll have the haunted memory of past demons that were once there lurking behind the shadows of your own.

Throughout the hottest hell of a day, we rummaged through the beautiful Latinx culture of Mexico, observed each individual, what they carried in their eyes longing for someone to buy anything,

If I had all the money in the world, each person would be taken care of ever so greatly, suffering should never exist in someone's dictionary.

We tried the juicy, red meat fiber of carne-asada tacos with handmade flour-tortillas that were made by a hardworking-woman who all she wanted was to make a living in a poor city,

her love and sweetness is what made these tacos special, it wasn't just the taste, it was the love, determination, the true secret ingredient behind the main dish.

It seemed like a dream eating tacos, sugary heaven of soft churros destined to melt in your mouth, I remember the moist texture of it, I'd kill for my tongue to taste the fine piece of pastry,

it made American pastries seem so simplistic with no flavor to devour it in a second.

We love each other they way we are, you lose yourself and in the end lose someone else, their relationship crumbled into bits of sawdust, but when something crumbles,

start over till you get it to where it once was, it seemed like a dream this place this fantasy of illusion, but this day made me once say,

"This reality is better than any wondrous dream I've dreamed."

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