Love Struck
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adritadroy I am a lover of language, are you?
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A love note dedicated to my partner.

Love Struck

by adritadroy

Today, I am love struck Of the wind, the air, the breeze. The breath of him falling on me.

No, breathing with me; I am seized up with his grip; On and off and on and off He goes away and comes near.

A rhythm my heart has memorised So well, that it could be mine. Oh it is mine!

It is mine with every nail Biting into his skin, With every strand of hair Coming in between our lips,

With every muscle feeling his nerve, With every red wound His toe nails have scratched.

Yes, he is mine, for today With his ten stone Weighing me down. Are we done already? No?

A smile lingering on both our lips We meet again not to part too soon.

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