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Joy is simply the mask that shadows ourselves from reality.


A single sprout of joy deceives only the simplest of minds,

They believe it comes from a realm of favourableness but in

True reality one shall know that joy is a blend between colours and emotions,

And yet, once those colours are blended, black and darkness arises, as blending these

Colours only warded off the constant darkness, but when it shows upon one once again, it is now,

More sinful and hypnotizing then before.

The realm of joy where people tend to seek or desire,

is only a hallucination in one's mind,

joy is never found nor prospered, but rather,

it's the lingering darkness and blackness one endeavours to cease.

Therefore, in a simple-minded person joy is only a recollection of memories and a constant marathon with no conclusion,

Only those who encounter and linger in darkness understand the fateful reality of the world, they may not appreciate the world, but they see the world for it's true colours.

Those who feel comfort from an equivocate world, do not comprehend what life really is


I do not indulge myself nor I attempt to seek joy

As for I,

Joy is,

simply the mask that shadows ourselves from reality.

It is solely,

The illusion of the truth.

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