Welcome to Avelorn! The Beginning of my Stories set in the Age of Sigmar.
Welcome to Avelorn! The Beginning of my Stories set in the Age of Sigmar. warhammer stories

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Resting under the branches of the towering Tree of Ages; this ancient city is protected by the eternal bond between the Aelves and Sylvaneth that guard its borders. Their combined wrath is infamous, and beware any who come near their home, for they shall fight to their last breath to defend it.

Welcome to Avelorn! The Beginning of my Stories set in the Age of Sigmar.

Situated in Ghyran, the city of Avelorn lies underneath the branches of the enormous Tree of Ages.

Blessed by the Goddess of life, Alarielle, its mystical boughs seemingly climb to the heavens such is its splendor.

Great towers and homes are built into and around the ancient oak itself, each plank and stone lovingly infused with the richness of life magic.

This is a city of teeming splendor and ageless wonder, for its strength lies not just in the tree's mighty roots, but the people who call it home.

It was the Aelves who first flocked to the Great Tree in the early days of the Age of Myth, feeling an innate connection with its towering form.

These were joined by the Sylvaneth, who in turn helped build the first foundations still standing today.

Mortal and immortal souls alike are joined in harmony, and despite immense hardships from both friend and foe, the city and its people endure together.

The bond between Aelf and Tree-kin is not just mere words, it is the lifeblood of Avelornian society.

Kurnoth Hunters weave amongst the populace daily, mighty footfalls accompanied by giggling children who place small wreaths of flowers around their broad legs in an eternal show of gratitude.

Such is their fierce devotion to these people, every Kurnothi will lay down their lives without hesitation if it means to save but one Aelf in return.

Alongside their Sylvaneth Guardians, the primary fighting force of Avelorn is its infamous Sisters of the Watch. Unlike other Aelves, this order of warriors is exclusively female.

Distinct from childhood by their flowing golden hair and flashing blue eyes. Each wields a mighty Watchbow, blessed with the divine light of the Great Tree itself.

This holiest of gifts causes them to spark bright blue with eldritch fire; able to loose flaming arrows that burn away armor and flesh to dust in an instant.

Yet it is not just their peerless skill in battle that these Aelves are known for.

The Watch Sisters are unique in Avelorn's society, as they are free to communicate with the ancient Kurnothi whenever they wish.

From childhood, those chosen to join the Sister's vaunted ranks are introduced to these guardians, and in times of respite, sit and communicate with them.

Each Kurnoth Hunter is considered sacred, to hear their words of wisdom and to forge such a connection is the highest honor for any Aelf.

Such a bond built throughout the life of each Watch Sister creates an almost divine fervor,

ensuring for when days of battle do come; neither will hesitate to lay down their lives for one another.

Avelorn's bloody history is steeped in war and conflict, its borders ever beset by those who would seek to destroy it.

Yet faith holds true, and the alliance of Aelf and Sylvaneth will fight to the last to defend the Great Tree. No matter the cost.

Above all, each holds onto hope, that victory will come soon, peace will break upon their forests instead of war, and each can live. Not just survive. Live.

Hope remains. Hope prevails.

United they stand. For Avelorn.

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