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adorable_writer Dreams are adorable. Always dream big<3
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I can't hear my inner call. I can't hear the wailing. Yet someone whisper in my ear, "True love exist!"


Once I asked my bf, "Why do you love me, Edward?"

He answered, "I don't know, Rafia. I really don't know why I love you."

Then he repeated, "Why do you love me?" - "Probably my answer is the same. I don't know. But if you want to know, I'll say, I love you because I love you."

The universe is strange, and we...the people inside it, are even more strange. Sometimes I don't understand myself. My lover gave me a song to hear. Who knows why? It's scratched in my mind. Really amazing!

"Lady In Red."I think I can hear her echoes. As it whisper to my ear, how selfish will you be? Just spread out your heart.

None of us know the secret of love. But what is the harm in spreading love?

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