Bestie; want to be your forever.
Bestie; want to be your forever. friend-ship stories

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Bestie; want to be your forever.

Hey Bestie , my love, My best friend. You are my world, My sky.

You are my Morning; You come to my life like dawn. You have enlightened my life to the fullest.

You are my noon, You love me like this. Touch my mind Like grass flowers flying in the wind.

You are my afternoon, hold me like day, don't let me out even if I want to. Just love me, try to love me, more and more.

You are my Twilight. Try to hug me tightly, as the day do with night.

You are my evening, At the end of the day, you still try to hold me.

You are my night, Yet you don't want to leave me when the darkness surrounds me. Love me like before, love me forever.

Our friendship is not only a relationship, our friendship is more than Love, more than affection and tenderness is nothing in front of it!

I hope our friendship will never end, Even if the sun loses its luster, the lamp of our friendship will continue to shine.

It will sway with the wind ....

like the grass flowers.

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