Tears of a man
Tears of a man stories

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Sometimes men are seen heartless, but maybe their is a reason behind it. We also cry, while drowning alone in sorrow,

Tears of a man

Once upon a time I said that I loved you and I know you can read my feelings by starring into my eyes.

If my love had any limitations then it couldn’t be called love, because love is not something that can be measured.

Love is a piece of art! A piece of art that has allowed a few to laugh and has hurt many. A piece of art that I carry in my veins and in my countenance.

A fantasy in reality that excites us while lying to us about a future that may never come to pass.

I know what love is. I know that love can come with a price.

But even though I know all that love can do, how it can make my eyes become a river with cataracts, how love can make me cry droplets of blood,

how love can make my heart scream with such a passion of despair and sorrow as it has never before, I venture. I will take the risk and tell you that I love you.

Even after all the many rejections you gave me, I am and will always be that sweet boy with a complexity of an idiot whose eyes were and will always be fixed on you.

In November the dawn got crossed with me, the sunset of your eyes opened the doors of my heart allowing me to dream again. I was afraid of loving.

Scared that those dreams would become my long lasting nightmares. But your words softened me to the point of giving up in the world with the purpose of focusing on you.

Since then, I feel as if I am flying with the clouds every single time I see you walk with your hair as smooth as velvet, your white cream skin as vanilla on my milk,

and your eyes as beautiful as dawn itself coming to life.

Now what have I done to offend the gods? What a hell has my life become without you? I had you in my arms and I lost you. I tried, you didn’t. I cried, you didn’t.

You left, I didn’t! You rejected me and I paid the price. Now I wonder the halls with a broken heart. Looking for a replacement for you. My nightmare has caught up to me.

What is this feeling of anxiety that I get when been with others girls? Yes others girls. Not love, no passion, just others girls.

You see me with another girl and that does not mean that I don’t feel anything for you. You are the curse of my soul, the ripper of my life.

Another girl just means that I'm tired of waiting and I'm trying to forget those feelings that were placed into my hearts by your poisonous words.

Poison that without thinking it twice I would drink again placing myself into tears. Why? You may ask.

And for that I will reply “The words that were once out of my lips still live in my heart”.

The words that others would use to whisper lies into your soul I would have used them to improvise words of love and truth for you.

Although you may not believe me and may see me as a faker, the only girl that my eyes can see, is you. You are the only one that I want my eyes to see.

There was once a time in which my eyes were as dark as the night, and you was that girl that fill them with stars giving them the semblance of a starry blue sky,

and now you are the same one that make my eyes shine, not from happiness but from the tears that I am about to cry.

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