Virus Prophetry

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adlee To Rhyme is no Crime
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The virus talks!

Virus Prophetry

I am no prophet of doom Heck, I don't even have a brain

You are the one in this room All mighty and vain

I am just a quirk of nature Some protein wrapped RNA

You so sure of your future Conquest and control, in your DNA

That, it even is a contest Blows my puny mind

As you scramble to cure and to test What lessons will you find

Perhaps a little respect For Gaia, PachaMama

And I hopefully expect End to the consumerism dogma

Maybe from your frailty You will learn to accept

The true meaning of humanity Oh what a tantalising prospect

I am no preacher So pardon the tone

You have the best teacher Don't go it alone

So as I keep replicating and prophesying In every pRoPHet, hides a poet after all

You focus on this process of dying Or I will not be your only downfall

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