First Love, Last Rites
First Love, Last Rites
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adlee To Rhyme is no Crime
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A poem about lost love

First Love, Last Rites

You, the love of my youth  Notice how I did not say life

A long shadow you cast, forsooth  Past and present hang on a knife

Got to move on but the cut is deep The memories corrupting, corroding

Those days of forsaken sleep The loving, feeling with no foreboding

The dream was never to end But end it did

The time was never to lapse But lapse it did

What a sad mistake to make To first love a person like you

What a yardstick to take Into a life where nothing else will do

Beaten down at every instinct A life of progressive anhedonia

Chasing an ideal unique and distinct Leaving a shell of dispassionate anemia

A notion is all I have to cling to A one man folklore

The person I was with you Is a person no more

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