The Life of Tommy Rick (1334-1335)
The Life of Tommy Rick (1334-1335) sci-fi stories

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Tommy Rick encounters the bane who killed his brother, and the reunion of three friends.

The Life of Tommy Rick (1334-1335)


This was the year where one of the days was between life and death. I was greeted by someone... who was so familiar that I even recognized him with just one look.

He was so damn familiar that I knew who he was. One thing that came to my vision was the killer of Michelle Rick. I was not alone though. Bogdan recognized the stranger as well.

Of course, he was more familiar with that stranger because he followed the war. Bogdan almost killed him, but Rob Buck, his name, said that he came in peace.

He apologized for what he did in the past few years. He didn’t mean it. I forgave him, but gave him a condition to... stop harming the CCPD and its members.

Rob Buck quickly agreed to the condition. He said that he was not that person who would ever break a single promise. Well, and... I believed him and hoped that he could prove his oath.

He asked a lot of requests, and we granted what he wanted, and it seemed that he did prove his oath. So, we trusted him. At a time, he requested me to do a wet work.

It seemed hard, because Rob Buck gave us some sophisticated devices that I clearly had no idea what they were all about. He took us to... Ukraine.

Well, it was a fancy location, but it suited what we wanted to find. We were assigned by Rob Buck to do a spy on the enemy forces.

Reports said that Mike Roger’s associate was about to attend a meeting with... I would call them “Allies”, because I didn’t know the affinity of both sides.

When we reached Ukraine, we were already so near to the reconnaissance point. The helicopter quickly moved away so that it could stay out of harm’s way.

For 6 hours, we have finished our spy mission. I was relieved, and the guys with me were setting up a beacon to call the helicopter for an extraction.

So unfortunate and unbeknownst to us, the enemy had spotted us for some time. They ambushed us, and we were in the verge of defeat.

We managed to hold on, but that was as equal as consuming most of our supply items. We did that for 2 hours. In a very lucky situation, Rob Buck came with a helicopter.

We were as relieved as never before. They helped us warring, boarding us in, and sending us right to where we start. It was the day that I couldn’t forget.

Aftermath, I returned home to call it a day.


This was the year of reunion. We were like separated when we were in childhood and finally met again.

We were about to put a bit of effort into our training, until Bogdan told me that he wanted to return to his country. To be clear, he wanted to go to Russia. Well...

maybe he wanted to reunite with his long time friends, I don’t know.

He invited me. This was my first time travelling abroad to another country. What’s more? This is my first time travelling with a helicopter (Last time, I ran away with a helicopter). I was so happy to experience this.

The ride with the helicopter was so enjoyable that I couldn’t even feel the air. So, the trip to Russia took 8 hours.

Though I only experienced riding a jeep, and it was not me that drove it, this time I could experience how being airborne feels like. In 8 hours, we reached Russia.

The helicopter landed in a military base. Not sure, but the Russian people over there seemed to be neutral to us. Yes, because Bogdan was on board. They recognized him really well.

Despite all of that, I was still a stranger to their eyes. But, as I came along with Bogdan, they were okay with me.

He took me to roam through the forests. It was really fascinating. I only stayed in the base since my brother died, and I couldn’t go anywhere at that time.

The unending wars were also one of those factors that kept me from going somewhere.

Bogdan and I discovered some kind of tree. It was as gigantic as a skyscraper. Perhaps, this tree dominated the length of a skyscraper.

The strange thing is, it had a door in front of where we approached it. Bogdan didn’t want to go inside. He wasn’t scared, but he was bored. So, I decided to go inside alone.

When I saw the interior, I was amazed. It was more like a lively lounge rather than a tree. I believe it was kept secret so regular people would think of it as just a regular tree.

There were 4 floors in the tree, and then I moved and saw a map showing 4 grids of each floor.

I saw the Jail Room in third floor. I wonder what it was. I tried to go there, yet I know I was currently persona non grata here.

Well, luckily my brother had taught me about stealth, so I thought I could get past the guards effectively. I got to the third floor, and then I saw a board.

It was like a dead end, so for no reason, I punched it. So coincidentally, I was hitting a button.

It opened a cell, and so much to my happiness, I saw the two of my childhood friends, Marcel Michiels and Tom Greek. I got out of the Jail Room with them, and this time the guards were everywhere.

We rappelled down using a rope and finally, we were safe to go out. Bogdan seemed to be away already. I called him, and he said that he was in the Russian military base waiting for us.

We went to the helicopter, and I fell asleep on the way and called it a day.

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