The Life of Tommy Rick (1328-1332)
The Life of Tommy Rick (1328-1332) science fiction stories

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A life of a person, written in his personal book.

The Life of Tommy Rick (1328-1332)

Over the past few years I... have written about things of my life since I was a child. I have been involved in a lot of troubles, even if I was only a child.

My brother was the one that helped me get through all of them. By the time he died, I got through all the problems myself.

I wrote this book to represent my life when I was a child until I departed from CCPD.


I was just a child back then. I got along with my older brother, Michelle and my father, Thomas Rocky. My father loved me and took care of me goodly.

Sometimes, I would go to CCPD and watch Michelle do his training. I was always amazed by his skills. They were beyond any marksmen in the world.

One day, Michelle introduced me to CCPD, and the guys over there were very nice to me and it was an honour. Then, he introduced me to... well, weapons. He asked me to join the force.

I was confused whether to accept or reject his offer. Well, since I’m his younger brother, I did the biggest mistake I’ve ever done, and that was accepting his offer.

Michelle asked me to select my weapon of choice. I was just a child, and I like light things so, I went just for a regular pistol. Then, he gave me a P99.

Surprisingly, he also asked me to demonstrate my newbie skills in shooting. I did one shot, and it feels... amazing.

Michelle taught me about positioning and agility, so that I can position myself effectively. Again, he asked me to do some kind of...

test, although it didn’t go well from what I hoped it will be, but still, he appreciated my participation in CCPD although in reality I NEVER wanted to join any military force.

Months later, I saw a lot of things new. There was a new member, a Russian, went by the name of Bogdan Minkov. I heard that he was really strong and flexible.

He could control himself well, as well as surviving the heat of battle.

I also heard about someone, who was just getting promoted to Captain, a Colombian, went by the name of Pat Lyod, really tactical. When I saw them train, I was really surprised.

This Bogdan guy was so good even if he was a new member. I saw Pat throwing something and it explodes. I didn’t know what it was. I asked my bro and he said “Grenades”.

I was impressed with all of these military things. I feel like I want to train more even if I was just a child.

Weeks later, I saw them on an operation test. It looked serious. It was like, they were about to sabotage a ship, yet I have no idea. Some days later, I came back home to live with my father.


My brother taught me about martial arts so that I can know about melee combat. He taught me everything seriously. I was officially a member of CCPD this year.

It was an honour to join the force and I was happy to know more. Michelle taught me everything, and he asked me to train by my own from now on, and I did.

Some weeks later, Michelle and his guys were... actually going to sabotage a ship. I saw helicopters, and Michelle was in one of it. I only wished that he could survive the operation.

“This is a hard mission, and if you come, you might die” He said. He also said ‘might’. He meant that there was a great possibility that I would die. I didn’t come as he told me.

Some of his guys didn’t follow the operation, and gave me a record, so I could oversee their progress. It was...

just lucky that everybody brought their own cameras and attached it to their heads. After some time, they’ve escaped. I was so relieved when I see my brother.

Next week, he visited me in the house. Then, he went to my father’s room. He was a workaholic but usually stays in his room. I didn’t know what his plans were.

I just saw Pat Lyod in a helicopter with my brother today. They said that they were on a mission to eliminate a target. Well... he told me that the target is named David Davies.

He said that this man was a skilful man in his weapon classes, and... He didn’t show any mercy to his enemies. Pat didn’t care and proceeded. I returned to my house to... call everything done.

My brother visited me again. He said that he failed his mission. The only way to kill him was stealth. He said that and... Well, he introduced me to stealth. I did a lot of... crouch and duck.

Killing targets was a challenge, since I only use pistols. He gave me... a suppressor, which can suppress any gunshot sounds.

Some months later, my brother went for another attempt to eliminate David Davies. This time, they walked to Northern Chile to find him. I couldn’t tell what happened to both of them.

Some hours later, they returned and told me that they completed their mission.


Two years later, I came back to base to check the safety, and just as I expected it... was safe.

I asked my brother about this and that, and he told me that in a matter of time, there will be no safety this year. I was surprised and wanted to know what actually happens.

There was supposed to be Bill Hopkins, the Chief of CCPD. He was the one who have known everything that would occur in time. But, he passed away sadly.

I returned home to think about how to stop the upcoming trouble. Two days later, I asked Bogdan Minkov about this. Chances were...

that the attackers will be the natives of the ship from the previous op. Again, I returned home to think about this upcoming trouble. Two days later, I came back to see the Inspector.

His name is Dick Gaading. He was a discipline man. He told me something about the “Buck Force”. Two years ago, Dick found a paper containing some basic registry forms.

It was already filled, signed by “Buck Force”. The ship could be the organization’s property. I returned home to... wait the outcome. Two months later they... went to the north to...

well, ACCEPT the war declaration from the Buck Force. What I did... was just to sit here, watching the television containing the recordings of everyone. In some minutes, I saw them.

I saw them being confronted by the Buck Force. Then, they began to set up their positions. And, in a matter of seconds, I started to hear gunshots, all over the place.

Our weaponry couldn’t match their firepower. We were on the verge of defeat. Almost everybody got killed. I saw... Dick died on their hands. I was so sad about this.

The CCPD members couldn’t withstand the Buck Force’s power. My brother managed to kill a lot of soldiers. Then, I saw on that time, my brother got killed. I cried, but continued to watch.

Bogdan gave one shot to Michelle’s killer and it incapacitated him. But still, they had to flee to prevent more casualties. The Buck Forces were fleeing also. I couldn’t stop this burden.

The next day, I visited the base. Bogdan and Pat did survive the war. I asked them about the casualties, and they said “There were none but 10 people survived”.

I returned home, told my father about this, and... Perhaps end this day.


This year was something new to me. I started to forget all the burdens about my brother. It was really tough, but I have completely forgotten it.

I changed Michelle’s position as an officer, and it was a hard job since I had to stay in the department all day. I was about to enter teenage, and I had to start doing everything on my own.

Two days later, there was this guy, who suits up like a renegade, and speaks thick British. His name is Mike Roger Jr. I asked what happened, and he told me to come to Spain.

We needed more information about this trouble. It seemed that his father was on a mission to eliminate the Spanish president, and the son just asked to stop the elimination.

At first, I didn’t understand. But when he started to say the importance of this mission, I couldn’t decide. It seemed that his father would do anything for money.

He also said that his father was formerly a well-known and contributive soldier. I, then... decided to think about this. Then, he begged on us all.

If his father did the mission, it would ruin his reputation, and of course it would go to the descendants as well. Roger Jr.

Wanted to become a soldier and as contributive as how his father did in his times. And, well... we had no choice but to accept his request.

Three days later, well... It’s a magic for me. This...

is my first time participating in a war! Along with Roger Jr, the British guy that we just met, we set up plans to kill this Mike Roger. Roger Jr. had a lot of experience in battle.

His plans were set up independently, but they were interconnected into our main plans.

It was a really good battle, perhaps even more than just good. I wasn’t even a teenager but I already know a lot about wars.

We just kept going on and on until we find ourselves in a beach as we were trying to isolate Mike Roger. He escaped, it seemed like we were damn unlucky at that time.

I found Pat Lyod, who was injured. He sacrificed his life just to kill Mike Roger. Since his injuries were fatal, he was being sent into treatment. We went back to our base to call it a day.

Two days later, a tragedy happened. A doctor that was sent to provide Pat with treatment was actually a secret spy from Mike Roger. Pat can do nothing more, he was weak since his injuries.

And, what happened... was the tragedy that brought CCPD into jeopardy. 22nd Captain Pat Lyod, who succeeded Bill Hopkins, died.

Aftermath of Pat’s death, no one in the CCPD ever participated in a war for 6 months. It could have been a rest. I returned home to call everything a day.


- Tommy Rick was born in 1321.

- This story is all about the past, becomes the world of modern warfare.

This will be continued. I expect the end will be in the year of 1370.

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