The Feeling of Death
The Feeling of Death thriller stories

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Gus continues to get nightmares until he has freed himself from his nightmares.

The Feeling of Death

I'm Gus, and I'm an 18-year old college student. I've been involved in a lot of dreams, and I mostly got haunted by nightmares. They get intense the further I get every nightmare.

I don't know, but my nightmares are interrelated, as if they are a story waiting to be unfold.

Sinc e the dream of the hallucination, I told my father about everything. When I was dreaming, he heard me saying things that he had no idea what they are. He understood what I told him.

Man, that was the greatest relief.

In the night time, I told my father to attach something into his ears so he can't hear anything. Then, I wait until my father sleeps. When he did, I go to sleep.

I'm back to my nightmare, and it was at the previous time where I was, I got killed in a car accident. But, it turns out that I survived.

I saw people trying to help me to get out, but when I approach the window, they disappear. Oh, it seems that I still hold my hallucination in my nightmare. Okay, that's no longer a relief.

I got out on my own, and saw a lot of people looking at me. I wonder if they are real or just hallucinations. No, they are real. They helped me to return to my home, and I direct the way.

In the middle of the way, I lose my grip with the person I'm going with. When I look to my left, he's gone. Oh, my hallucinations get more serious. My vision starts to get like animal-ish.

I begin to see people that are very different from normal people. They have dark-ish white skin and long wavy hair. My expectations tell that they are ghosts.

With bravery, I approach them, and they just disappear. I closed my eyes, thinking about what to do. I opened my eyes, and I see people walking regularly. I closed my eyes again.

Then, I opened my eyes and see the world burned. I closed my eyes again one last time.

Then, I opened my eyes again, and see a car coming to my way, and I ignore it since it's just a hallucination. But suddenly, it turns out to be real and it collided me to death.

Some seconds after the death, I wake up from my bed and find out that it's still 03.00 AM.

But, my nightmares seem to diminish after this one. The next time I sleep, I no longer get any nightmare. It seems that the story about all my nightmares end there.

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