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Tells about a college student who under no circumstances hallucinates.


The year was 2007. My name is Gus and I'm a college student. But, I was a little kid back in the day. People describe me as calm and quiet. Yes, they're not wrong.

One day, I was riding home with my father to my town. I loved it because of the clean air.

On the way, I asked him, "Hey, father, why do I always see something that people can't see? When I approach them, they disappear.

When I try to get away, they just get closer and won't even disappear," Yes, I don't know why I always hallucinate about something. Even today, I still hallucinate.

My father asked, "Hallucinating? Do you have any trail of drugs on you?" Then, I said, "That's impossible, father. I'm still underage to take on drugs," My father then said, "Oh, I see.


You know, I never took drugs back in the day. I was too underage. So, 1 hour later, we were not home yet. The place was still far. Of course, my hallucination grows again.

I saw on the left, my village. I was not sure, but I don't know. I told my father, "Father, the village is just to the left!" Well, you know, he was surprised to hear about this.

On my vision, the roadsign changed. Then, my father said, "What are you talking about? Are you trying to kill us? That's a cliff!" Oh, just as I expected, that was just a hallucination.

They were so tense that it looked so real. If he did as I said, we would have been dead by then. It was only a luck that he acted so fast.

Some time later, I started hallucinating again. This time, it got more realistic. I saw a volcano that was about to erupt.

I was a little kid, and I didn't know how to act, so I asked my father, "Dad, there's an erupting volcano, why would we expose ourselves?" Again, he was surprised.

He almost lost control of the steer. My father said, "Darn it! You deteriorated my concentration! I see no volcano there, what happened to you?!" Darn, he was angry at me.

Every time I hallucinate it got more realistic. What to do right now?

This time was really tense. I hallucinated again. I saw a lot passengers in the front. I was really scared and urged my father to stop.

"Dad, look out! Passengers!" He was so darn shocked that he lost control of the steer. "Aaaaaahhhh," We yelled. Then, our car collided with an iron pole.

That moment of silence, that feeling of death just struck me, along with my father. None of us survived, and mostly, no corpses that we collided with. I can't feel anything.

Then so much to my surprise that I have awaken from my sleep. It is the current year. I realized that everything was just a dream. I have never hallucinated in the whole of my life.

That was the worst nightmare that I ever got.

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