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i know its long forgive this lazy girl 🤦‍♀️

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questions by @fantastic06

(its her bday today go wish her!)

1.fav movie?

umm its really hard to choose but i finally

came up with "confessions of a shopahollic"

its amazing! i recommend it!

2.fav singer?

(since no kpop and blackpink )

my fav singer would be Selena Gomez

and Halsey

thx for these nice questions tesa and happy bday again!!

questions by @prettycorn (my sis!!)

3. what will you find in a friend?

as long as they are kind, loyal and friendly

i will be glad to be friends

4.if u had powers , what would they be?

if i had powers i would choose teleportation

because im too lazy to walk down the stairs and meet my friends


5.what is ur fav colour?

my fav colour is anything blue

aqua blue any shade of blue i love!!

thx for these questions pretty corn and yes i found them very interesting!

questions by @byheart_writes

6.my fav food?

my favorite food is chocolate, me cant live without chocolate hehe

7.who inspired me to write?

mostly my readers who leave sweet comments

and my most best friend in the world Tesa!!(fantastic06)

8.are you in a relationship?


* whispers* i'm 12

and i have many anime boyfriends lol

thx for these questions byheart_writes and i will make sure to check out your post too!

questions by @sam110507

thank you for wishing me!

9.have you watched tokyo ghoul?

no i havent but ive heard of it!

and i will try to watch it

10.what is your fav book?

my fav book is percy jackson; the battle of the labyrinth

and heroes of olympus: the lost hero

11.my fav anime?

my most favorite anime is BHNA

and fruits basket (sorry i couldnt choose 1)

thx for these questions sam!

questons by @ritagaga09

thank you for the wishes

12.my fav book

as mentioned above

percy jackson; the battle of the labyrinth

and heroes of olympus: the lost hero

13.my fav colour


14.my fav food


thx for these questions rita!

questions by @starrgazer157

15.my fav anime

bhna and fruits basket!

16.do u like BHNA?

no i dont like it



17.have you watched boruto? :naruto the movie?

no i havent but i would like to!

thx for the questions everyone!

i had fun answering them!`

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