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some of the few iconic things in anime

iconic anime stuff

since i'm an otaku i've decided to share

a few iconic things in anime series or movies


this is a really ba-dump

scene for me its when a

boy corners a girl by slamming his

arm in front of her

(this is gentle btw)

2.shoujo flowers

i've seen this quite a few times

its literally when an anime

character(usually a girl)

falls in love or is happy that her crush

texted her back or whatnot..

3.couple ships

i know this is irrelevant but here are my top 4 ships!

1. Nalu (Natsu and Lucy from fairy tail i obsessed over this for a lot of time lol)

2.zen and shirayuki (sorry theres no ship name lol they are from the snow white with red hair)

3.A-kun and yoshiko (probably the funniest ship yet you will know what i mean if u watch it lol,

and they are from aho girl its a very funny one i recommend it)

4 yuki and tohru (i ship it tooooooo hard lol they are from fruits basket) this is yuki

thats it for today if u liked this session of the crazy otaku aditi this is tohru

tell me in the comments and i will post more about anime

k byeee

thx for reading

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