Blackpink:light up the sky
Blackpink:light up the sky light up the sky stories

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Is it me or is blackpink getting better each year hmm..

Blackpink:light up the sky

OK here's the anime freak's opinion of this AMAZING documentary

I love how they show what they have been though to get to being kpop queens

And seriously how is rosè not the worlds biggest sweetheart?

And Jennie don't even get me started

She is a solo queen and shines along with her band mates.

Jisoo is NOT FAT she's is the most beautiful and kind person but its kind of unfair yg let her get less lines, but hey! I'm not complaining I love jisoo so much!

Lisa she's such a goofball! And can anyone notice her presence lights up the sky? (Sorry I just had to) by this I mean shes positive and is really nice!

Overall (I cried) the documentary shows how they met and how they rose to fame and they value it! They love us blinks as much as we love them.

Btw I really hate ppl saying Jennie's nurse outfit was innapropriate it was an innocent nuse outfit and yg deleted the scene butJennie deserves better so blinks stay supportive!

So basically its the best (only) documentary I have ever seen!

Well peace! and thx for reading!

By @aditianimefreak

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