When they met....
When they met.... teen-love stories
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Chapter 3
he n she

When they met....

Rohini sat in her seat nervous, She was first to have entered the class.Her mind wandered in all directions, she prepared her introduction shaking her legs rapidly.She saw no one around and decided to go forward stand near the board and try spending ...she was soo engrossed in her practice that she took little notice of Yukt who stood near the door staring at

her.He stood there staring at her.He felt different around her...but this feeling confused him.He brushed these thoughts and knocked on the door... Rohini turned in shock and put forward an embarrassed face.. Yukt came into the class again looked at her and just smiled before taking his seat...he tries his best to avoid eye contact...Rohini "noticed "him.. ..

She was inquisitive and wanted to go and put a friendly hand forward..but she decided not to As she realized he was busy on his phone....she sat there and looked around at the new atmosphere.Time passed and students came in.There was a lot of chittering .....there were a few awkward eye contacts between the two.....

The class teacher asked all the new comers to introduce themselves.....every introduction was observed with good humour.When Rohini was called on, Yukt could feel his heartbeat rise he was waiting for her and now he was excited to hear her.Rohini looked at the students and went on to introduce herself.Instantly everyone decided to pick her

in their gangs... unknowingly Yukt was smiling subtly...Yash his close one looked at him and asked him what was with him...conveniently he managed to evade the question but Yash noticed what had happened and had read his friend's mind.... he decided to befriend both of them....Because he was sure Yukt would dig a 1000feet hole underground over talking to a girl....

to be continued....

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