Cats from my house
Cats from my house  cats stories

adithi Community member
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I wrote on the cats that live in my yard.

Cats from my house

There are a few cats in my home. I won't say we pet them, but they never leave this place. They are lazy to the bones. Though at time for lunch or dinner, I can hear their cries.

It's a family of four, who join together in a chorus - a band named 'eat and sleep', tagged 'that's all we do for life'.

Ha, but it hasn't been so sweet for them now. This regiment got their colonel. A neighbour cat, a tyrant one ; who chase the weak for fun.

One day or the other, my dear cats now have a scar. The battered faces tells the story of their war. At last the band name changes, but I'm not joyed at all.

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