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aditeeadhikari I'm the one who imagine
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About a girl who loves to imagine...

Crazy Lost mind

by aditeeadhikari

There's this girl with vast dreams, Walking in streets as imagination flow like streams. Rain drops wet her, but she sing along, All to herself , doing all things wrong.

People start their morning with hot cup of Java, And she too start with JAVA But there's difference, as one is to drink. The other one she do is to run computers and electronics.

Though she loves her work but she sees, A world of her dreams. To make all her illusions , a reality, To write and inspire mighty!

She falls , she walks, she makes everything wrong. She forget her surroundings lost in thoughts... Of a beautiful world of her dreams, Where people listen to all her inner screams.

She laughs and eventually throw herself back , The billion dollar smile that cheer up her friends. They think they knew her a lot! But it's the misconception that cross her path.

To know her you need to read between the lines, She smile but something always goes inside her minds. She never express herself much. She never hate anyone as such!

She cries silently , she fears sometimes. But then make herself laugh by thinking some witty lines! Yes, she is absurd ,but she is just fine.

She has gist to learn, She wants to explore, She yearns for knowledge and winning all paths that comes across!

She is determined, That she will make... A world of peace and happiness, People around will read her and be happy again, And she will see the world with smile in her face!!

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