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by aditeeadhikari

We hate cacophony. Those unpleasant sound irritate us to the core...

We do every possible thing to move our ears away from it. But then why...

Why we don't do our best to avoid those cacophonies playing inside our brain!

Those cacophonies ,that becomes barrier when we have an intrapersonal communication. When we Introspect ourselves...

Those cacophonies in the form of dilemma, in the form of negativity, in the form of underestimating oneself.

Those irritate us , It make us feel low. Anyhow we want them out , out of our brain but those keeps on playing inside.

Let's change this cacophonies into melodies. Let us be confident. Let us be honest.

Let us make a strong bond, a strong relationship with oneself. Let us communicate with ourselves. Let us know more about ourselves.

Let us remove all those barriers and unpleasant sound from our mind and heart. Let us play our own music!

And when this happens, we will realise that we are already happy! We feel fresh , and will be free from those cacophonies! We will be ourselves , living in the particular moment.

...and we will learn something new ,always...and play music of life.

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