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This e/Book was written by Adi, a Jewish, who lives in Jacob's promise, the biggest God's divine, The Land of Promise, a Jewish state, Israel.
Dear reader, I'm truly excited to walk you through a journey, a journey about thoughts, meaning, consequences, decisions, a journey about life itself.
Learning with God is a short philosophy e/Book, thoughts, and wonders that can fulfill the soul by walking on a thin rope between God and science.
A journey of investigating the mind hand by hand, prepare to see the reality you know so very well as you've never seen before.
Along the way, we're going to question every aspect of your personal life that cannot be literally questioned.
This e/Book will help you understand your inner selves and develop thinking skills beyond measures.
Reading philosophy leads to better decisions, better decisions lead to better outcomes, and better outcomes lead to better living.
This e/Book could be your first step towards a new era of your personal life, an era of a better understanding of your inner senses, life direction, and motivation.

e/Book website: www.learningwithgod.com
Amazon Kindle ASIN: B088MN3XWM

Learning With God

by Adi Shitrit

What is God?

God is not an object, he's someone, he has preferences, he chooses, he has opinions and feelings, and his intelligence is beyond measures.

He created a collection of all the things that exist in space and time, and you are one example, maybe he doesn't have a plan for you, it's just a thought.

This thought also has a strong connection to "What is belief?" What does it mean when people ask, "Do you believe in God?

" People make it sound like there is no God and you just have to believe it.

God is a figment of your belief, so if you believe very strongly then God is very real, and if you don't believe at all then he doesn't exist.

Like some people say "I wish I could believe, but I don't."

So there are the believers and there are the non-believers, and it's impossible to switch from one to another without losing your mind.

The definition of God is: "That which was at the beginning", so if the universe does have a beginning, what is that beginning? We call it God, and out of God, everything evolved.

Whether it was the big bang or not, the universe evolved out of something much more powerful than you can possibly grasp, something that created space, time,

and all its contents a billion years ago.

As a result of this definition, there is no one who doesn't believe in God except people who don't want to think.

The theory of evolution believes in God, but the God that they're talking about is a subatomic particle.

There was a subatomic particle that was there at the beginning, it was exploded without any particular reason, and out of that explosion, everything evolved.

What was that the beginning? What caused the operation of this function? Why?

Those are actual scientific questions that the theory of evolution has yet to reveal, the theory of evolution is trying to figure out the origins of the universe,

therefore God is a scientific fact that we are trying to unveil, and call it God it's Ok.

Scientists believe that in the beginning, there was that specific origin particle that contained all the information, intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge that designed the universe.

This subatomic particle and God have many differences between them, although they both are seeking to explain the same beginning.

The main difference is that scientists believe that this particle doesn't decide whether it wanted to create the world or not, it just happened,

and everything in creation is a randomly fixed designed by accident without freedom of choice.

Others believe God created the entire universe and all life forms in it with intelligence, creativity, thought, imagination, and it all has a purpose behind it,

and God himself marks us out from all of the living. (Genesis 1:26)

Are we really chosen out of all living creatures?

There are about 75 billion living things including plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria documented on earth,

no matter the auctions operated by any other living creature it will evolve no questions asked,

while the human beings are the only creature with a conscious that is capable of good and evil and we can ask questions.

One thing that amazes me is that the human being is born with a substantial language center in the brain, and we can learn,

we can remember an unbelievable number of words and concepts while other living cannot.

Funny thing, did you know that all other living beings don't have a sense of humor? As they can't laugh without the irritation of a touch.

They don't have what we sometimes can't control, and that is the reason why you might find yourself sneezing a drink out of your nose when something hilarious triggered your senses.

OK, so if we are the only creature that can ask questions and be aware of our existence, then the ultimate question is why? Why did God create this world?

What can he possibly gain by creating this world? He is God, isn't it good enough? What could he possibly be missing?

If God created the world out of choice, if he chose to, it means that he wants something, he is after something.

The most asked question by humans individually and collectively is: What is the purpose of life? If the world was created there must have been a purpose, and why are we looking for purpose?

Because we are the result of that purpose, and if you don't know the meaning of your result, you don't know yourself.

Did you know that a guy was suing his parents for giving birth to him without his consent? What's his deal? Does he literally resist being born?

Yet along with his stupidity, he made everybody begin thinking, "Yeah, I wasn't asked, this was not my decision, so it's not a religious question anymore, and it's not a subject for faith.

Faith means that which cannot be explained rationally, and if we face an issue that cannot be known, we have a tool in our mind which we call it faith,

faith deals and handles stuff that the mind cannot.

So far, we can tell God exists somewhere from a distance, and there is a God far away, but why do we even care? Howcome we are basing almost any aspect of our personal life on God?

After all, religions claim that your life depends on him, and your mind will tell you that you must be dependent on him because if he's God, he has the football,

and if he doesn't want to play anymore, the game is over.

Religions believe all people should pray to God every day, you have to compliment him every morning so he treats you well and make your life better, and if not you

are going to hell, what horrible thinking that developed over our history.

Prayers do not have an expiration date, you can free to say what's on your mind as long as your heart beats and your eyes are open, you can pray or wish for anything,

within the possibility of our imagination, yet it probably won't happen but it definitely will be two steps forward.

Maybe God's "Commandments " has been translated over the years and ruined everything, when God has commandments he's no longer friendly and he has no needs,

now you need to watch your steps because you may violate him, that's not faith.

Do we need God? If he's the one that created us, then who needs whom?

God needs us more than we need him, and I'm not looking for a God who is going to help me, I'm looking for a God that I can do for him.

Let's say you have a purpose in life and you have fulfilled it, after that what would you do? So, life's purpose is continuously changing.

People who think there is one God's living purpose are locked without any imagination,

it's a dangerous particular rode to live as you may lose life itself making grand plans for it through the rode, you only live once, and if you do it right, once is enough.

Life is paramount importance, and this is the only thing you know, do you know something else?

Everyone has their own unique and different life experiences, yet we must not forget that we all have the same environment in common.

e/Book website: www.learningwithgod.com

Amazon Kindle ASIN: B088MN3XWM

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