The Forbidden Secrets
The Forbidden Secrets romance stories

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History says that behind every person are a web of secrets. But some kill people while some have the potential to ruin lives and take the form of forbidden secrets.

Jackson Lightwood is the guy living in Florida who is every girl's dream. But in reality, he has long given up on the idea of love and carries, in his heart, the weight of memories from a sad past.

Clarissa Garnett is just another teenage girl who is moody, 'sporty' and easily distractible. But she is running from a dark mistake made in her past. When Clarissa moves to Florida, she hopes to leave her past behind in Vermont. But fate takes a twist when Clarissa meets Jackson and a secret threatens to spill.

Read further to find out about these two people hiding such forbidden secrets and also what scares Clarissa in her nightmares and what becomes Jackson's daydream.

The Forbidden Secrets

Moving In and Moving Out

Hey guys! This is my first book and I hope you like it. Drop a comment if you have any new suggestions. I will be glad to put them in my book.


" Rise and shine," I heard my mother cry just as I was about to kiss Dylan. Wait........

what on earth was my mother doing on my date with Dylan?! I woke up with a blurry vision but not blurry enough that I couldn't recognise my room and, of course, my mother.

(And yeah, who was I fooling. I was just 16 and not all pretty to land on a date with Dylan! Obviously it was a dream. It had to be.)

I looked at the clock hoping the time to be somewhere around 7 am but I guess my fate is pretty messed up today. The time was 10 am. I cursed myself since I was gonna be late.

But just then my eye caught the glimpse of my suitcases being carried out and I realised that today was my last day at Vermont.

I smiled feebly at the thought of not having to attend Burlington High School anymore.

Nah! It was just so yesterday. Much to my luck, my father got transferred to Florida. It was time to leave. To leave the past behind and start with fresh lives. Goodbye Vermont, forever!!!

While loading my baggage in the car, I was surprised to feel the warm rays of sun on my skin. I took a moment to enjoy the sun on my skin. It wasn't everyday you would see the sun in Vermont.

"Honey, we are going to Florida. I am sure you will feel pretty warm there," I heard my dad say.

"I know dad... But it's cold here and, moreover, I will remove my layers of sweatshirts when we land there," I said with a pout and he kinda rolled his eyes or I just imagined him doing that.

I sat down in the back seat with my feet positioned against the driver's seat. I looked out of the window. It was a pleasant day outside and I wondered how warm Florida would be.

I was interrupted in my train of thoughts by my little brother, Jesse.

"Dude, mind giving me some space," he said in bringing his sock covered foot close to me.

I swatted his foot away and replied, "Jeez Jess, you got enough space."

"Look at the way I am sitting," he grunted and mouthed "Asshole" to me.

I, being a fearless and independent women said douchebag loudly which I regretted soon later my mom snapped her head towards me and started scolding me.

I don't know how long I had to listen to my mom's crib about how I could be a bad influence on my brother while he kept snickering.

After an hour or so we reached the airport. Boarding was another issue. Well... with my parents it was.

We reached Florida after hours of sitting in the plane. As we were driving to our new apartment, I realised how much I would miss Vermont for the weather.

my friends in high school and Dylan, my crush since middle school. Um, yeah he was only a crush 'cause I was too much of a coward to admit my feelings foe him.

Yeah yeah it is stupid I know but we never had anything. Anyways he already had a girlfriend and was the star basketball player back in my old school.

So what did you expect? Duh! And I always had a weird knack for basketball players not to mention I myself was a basketball player. Okay, Let me be modest, I was the captain of my school team.

Guys did hit on me but I had my eyes only on Dylan. But now nothing could happen between us since I moved to Florida. But whatever was happening was happening for the best.

Nothing worse could happen than what has already happened.... right?

Talking about Florida it was overall a nice place. I was excited that I could Finally experience summer again, swim again. When we pulled over in front of my new house , I was awestuck.

It was HUGE. I couldn't suppress my excitement and rushed in to find my room. I entered to be greeted by a big living room with pale green walls and very little wallpaper.

There were few couches arranged as if pushed to the right side to provide lot of free space. Just the way I liked.

I couldn't help the squeal that left my lips when I saw the 50 inches plasma tv on the left wall. My parents had it installed because Jesse was a huge tv addict.

I liked that there was a lot of room for pictures on the walls.

On the right wall, there was a very narrow passageway leading to an only door. I saved this room for the last coz I knew it had to be the biggest room. I had a good sense of house outlines.

I rushed to a passage on my left.

On my left was a small room with a few bookshelves and a platform which I guessed was for the computer and printer since there was a lot of plug boards on that wall. It had to be the study room.

I moved a little further to find the kitchen on my right. It was a modest kitchen. Not too big or with too many cabinets. Just perfect!

I was losing patience to see my room. I climbed up the stairs that marked the end of the passage, taking two stairs a time.

The first floor was spacious with an only room on the left and a room in the far end. I took a quick look on the first room.

It was not very big , with a single bed, a study table and a few cupboards here and there. There was also a small door leading to the bathroom I guess.

I half ran to the last room on the floor but not before noticing that there were a few closets on the right side for extra storage ( it was very much needed by my mom.)

I entered my room and gasped when I saw a huge transparent window on the opposite end. It was as if they had built the window instead of the wall.

I squealed when I saw that the window led to a bridge that was connected to the window of the adjacent house.

It would be very easy for me to sneak out at night! But who would I sneak out with... never mind. I closed the door behind me and dropped down on the bed that was on my left.

It was bigger than the bed in the other room, but not big enough to accommodate two adults. This had to be my room.

I got up some time later and saw that there was a closet and a study table right in front of the bed and a door right to the bed on the wall behind it, leading to the bathroom.

This was just the house I had dreamed of when I was small and stuck in that house in Vermont. Well... sort of (minus the sneaking part). I guess this is perfect to start a fresh life!

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