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Sleep paralysis demon?

Current's gone

My eyes jerk open, The night light's off , maybe the current's gone again. My mouth feels dry so I try to pick up the bottle of water beside my bed. I..I can't...I can't move.

My back is cemented to the bed and my head is stuck on my pillow looking directly at an at rest ceiling fan, i try to move my arms, my fingers, my toes, nothing budges.

Oh great another episode of sleep paralysis. Out of the corner of my eye I make out a dark figure at the far side of the room.

Wonderful another paralysis demon, I know it's not real, nothing's there.

It's just my brain making up stuff to scare me, you would think that me taking care of it and wearing a helmet might make him a bit grateful ..

but noooo he has to imagine stuff and scare the shit out of me. I close my eyes. I've done this before.. Easy peassyyy Im awake just got to get my body awake.

I steady my breathing and try to force my body to get up, one arm at a time.

It doesn't work, my fingers lay lifelessly and I hear whispers in my ear, I open my eyes and in my peripherals i see it.It's bigger wait, it's closer.

It's eyes glowing red, they were the only thing present on his pale face. It's hand is stretched out towards me and it looked like it was laughing.

Blood rushed to my ears. My eyes were rolling around in my frozen head, desperately trying to wake myself up. My breaths were shorter and quicker and I could hear my own heartbeat.

I was panicking. Normally i would be awake by now but something was different this time.It felt more vivid than something my brain could ever make up. The smell of rotten flesh burned my throat.

It's skinny hands were just inches away from my chest.My head felt like it would heart pounded on the walls of my chest. I was hopelessly struggling to move my arms.

Logic was slipping from my brain.

It's hands pressed down on my chest. Squeezing the life out of me. My own mouth stifled my screams causing my whole body to shake.Then...

I heard it, its bones popped as it leaned towards my face.In its deep gravelly voice it said,'' TONIGHT LONG NIGHT".

At that moment I knew,this wasn't my imagination,I was fully awake now but my body froze in fear as I felt my rib cage cracking under pressure.

All of a sudden the night light came on, the fan creaked and cool air started brushing my face. I opened my eyes, which was strange because I don't remember closing them. . I jolted upright

I was shivering and drenched in sweat. there was no sign of the pain that i felt a moment ago and i was beginning to forget what happened.

I breathed a sigh of relief and felt like hitting my head with a hammer, No more walnuts for you Mr.Brain.I was too exhausted to do anything so i drank some water and slept again.




The fan gradually stopped spinning, there was no more cool air hitting me.I opened my eyes. The Current's gone,the night light's off and....

I can't move.

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