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When the oceans rise Our faith is made known,


When the oceans rise

Our faith is made known,

In this tempest our souls are tested,

Put through the fire to be refined,

Like diamond we're purified,

Seeking our trials as challenges

These are what we rise to become

To try until we seek the face of Him who


When oceans rise

We truly are forged in fires

Fire from His mouth,

He moulds us bringing out the best

In this very phoenix He made me fly

Above and beyond,

When oceans rise

Its evident we took flight

We fly as birds of prey,

Our hearts fleshy but sure to be His

I adore His name,

Where we go He is with us,

When oceans rise

Our feet may drown

But with Him we float

This and more when oceans rise.Inspired


These days words come like water

They serve their purpose,

Love has a new phase

The age of the Word of Truth

The best muse I can hold

The best muse is the best Father

I love His words


The muse of the poets,

Give us grace to write

Let me learn at Your feet,

Let this soul win another

Till You arrive,

Let them know You care.https://commaful.com/?r=adielamichaelos

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