I will be here for u
I will be here for u  romance stories

adidi I love fanfiction and draco, and newt!!!
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Pls tell me what u think. This will be a series about Addie's journey as she finds out the secerets behind her personality.

I will be here for u

It was a summer evening. The hot wind playing with my hair. "Addie!" Someone called. It was my childhood best friend. "Draco!" I say and i give him a huge hug.

Our parents work together and our moms have been best friends sense Hogwarts so our families are pretty tight. I hope we get into Hogwarts, our letters should be coming in a couple of days.

"Lets go play in the forest!" I say as I run into the forest that is behind my house. It has big pine trees and beautiful blue flowers. We have never been able to figure out what they are.

I look back to see Draco laughing and running after me. He is super sweet, just misunderstood and a product of his father. Some people ask how I could be his friend.

But i am his friend because he needs one. I am more curious how he could be my friend! I am a hyper, kind, daring, and a HUGE prankster.

Always getting in trouble with my parents because I prank Mr. Malfoy all the time. We stop and look around. I have never been to this part of the forest.

Its really pretty and the air feels more fresh here. "Addie, maybe we should start heading back.

" Draco says in a hesitant tone "Oh come on! Live a little!!" I say and I run deeper into the forest "ADDIE!! WATCH OUT!!!

" Draco shouts and as i look at him i feel a strong force push me to the ground. I scream as I see a huge black panther sink its claws into my skin.

I scream and i feel blood dripping from my wounds "ADDIE!!" Draco shouts but the Panther is growling at him.

Something big and silver was running at full speed at the Panther and knocked it off me. I was so dizzy.

I was losing so much blood, it felt like a black vale was slowly wraping around my mind and my mind was trying to fight it off. The big silver thing came up to me and I looked up into its pretty blue eyes. It licked my face, it showed a resemblance of a mother trying to comfort her child.

Maybe that's what this creature saw me as, a child that need comforting. I was coming in and out of consciousness as Draco picked me up.

The creature growled as Draco picked me up but walked with him as he carried me back to the house. I smiled as the Creature nuzzled me as I finally gave in to the blackness swelling around me.

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