The Prophet #1
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adiasreino "To define is to limit" - Oscar Wilde
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The Prophet is a collection of thoughts and texts inspired by some of my existential crisis. Expect many more to come!

The Prophet #1

A shameful thing from which we are born. A shameful thing indeed. “God is the sinner, not us mere humans” spoke the Prophet.

We cannot separate ourselves from our animosity for we are bound by nature and instinct. “Aha!” shouted the people.

How can we live up to the expectations of an invisible being? How can we be sure to please him when “He” does not even believe in our true potential?

The Pagans spoke truth, the Greeks were right, the Romans almost there. There is not one God but thousands, millions that guide us every day.

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Teachers, strangers and even the distant. They live within us and us within them.

In this endless universe from which we are formed, nothing is in vain, nothing is for nothing. Had we not suffered and perished, we would not have our present comfort. Correct?

So I say and scream yet again “A shameful thing from which we are born. A shameful thing indeed.”

But from that shame we rise and transform ourselves. From lust and perversion to love and respect.

To make the world a little safer, lives a little better, we must acknowledge that shame, and work toward pride. Be not afraid of your origins. Be proud of your denouement, wherever it may take you.

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