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Based on two police officers and their love story, love for nation


A group of four men in a black suits with a sword has brutally attacked me and my close friend Sakthivel and left us on Avinashi NH4 roads. Since, I am shot in my right chest, there is a minimal chances for the survival. The case that I and Sakthivel has took up in Coimbatore is the main reason that we are attacked so brutally by those criminals. Before I and Sakthi die, we both has to save an orphanage near Peelamedu from the bomb blasts during the Independence day. They have killed my family members. Only for the namesake, I am Adhithya. But, in reality, I am not like the sun which rises on East and sets on the West. From the beginning of my birth, I run in my life struggling to find a peaceful life. I have a beautiful family consisting of my elder brother Krishna, a successful advocate and my important inspiration with a loving sister-in-law Kamali, whom I mean as my mother with a niece named Pranathi, a naughty and cute kid. Since our parents have passed away since childhood, we came up in our life working harder and meeting the day-to-day ends. My brother is a role-model on every aspects in my life and I followed his foot steps.

Like my brother, I aspired to become a lawyer. Fate had other plans. I met an orphan named Sakthivel from Coimbatore trust where I have went with my brother for a speech. Being inspired with his dutiful nature and his desire to become an IPS officer, I decided to pursue IPS and enrolled in NCC despite my family’s opposition. However, my brother later on, gave me a full dedicated support for my ambition. I became a close friend for Sakthivel and our relationship became stronger. One day, Sakthivel asked me, “Adhithya. Why should you choose IPS?” I said to him, “That’s because, I love challenges. I can learn so many new things in the IPS” Now, I asked him, “Why you wish to become a police officer?” he said to me that, “I wished to become an IPS officer so that, I can save justice by giving my soul.” “Wow. What a great nature for you! I should have made a good deed for getting a man like you” I exclaimed after hearing his dedication for the nation. Some days later, I started to see Sakthivel as my role-model for IPS. As we were considering IPS as important, our focus was only on NCC and social service. After our final year, we enrolled up into IPS and finished our Two-year training period. One year specializing in Anti-terrorism squad and for the next year in Commando training. First posting was given in Palakkad district of Kerala as the ASP for both of us under Anti-terrorism branch as bomb squads. We set a reputation for ourselves for the police on bomb removing techniques. After three years, we were posted in Coimbatore district under Crime Branch. Here, we decided to pretend as a corrupt police officers in-order to help out the poor children and the orphanage trusts.

In-order to get the bribes, we found two gangsters: Neelambari and his brother Vikram as an advantage. They has indulged in drugs and so many mafia businesses. For one months, we decided to observe their nefarious activities and as per our target, we achieved and got full evidences against them and the other criminals involved in it. In parallel circumstances, I met my brother’s close friend and a successful surgeon, Dr. Nandagopal, the man who helped for our education since childhood and his family, when I saved his elder daughter, Ria from an accident. There I met his loving younger daughter Nisha and other daughter, Yamini. Nisha is known to me from childhood in the school days. She is a soft and kind hearted girl but, a short-tempered character. Even during the college days, she use to be harsh when anyone bullies her. Now, comes my girlfriend Yazhini, an orphan from one of the Coimbatore’s trust, and an investigative journalist. I fell in love with her citing to her good nature and also to that, when I saved her from an accident.

We were planned to get married on July under Dr.Nandagopal’s blessings with my brother also. After days, I and Sakthivel met Neelambari and Vikram and showed the evidences of their illegal activities. They gets shocked and asked us, “What do you want, now?” “That’s good, mam. What will a police expect from criminals? Bribe. We need Hundred Billion as a bribe from you” said Sakthivel. “What? Hundred Billion!” Exclaimed Vikram. “I know that it is a half of your money from the drug business. If you give, I will forget this and be supportive of you” said Adhithya. Neelambari doesn’t agree and Vikram says to her, “Sister. They promise us their support. Let’s give them what they ask. Neelambari agrees and gave us the bribe and we gave a sample evidence to them but, we had the original evidence with us. “Adhithya. We has got this money. What to do with this?” said Sakthivel. I said to him, “First, we should build an orphanage with our brother’s support in Peelamedu and support the lives of children.” He agreed and we met our brother and he agreed to support us. With this money, we built an nice orphanage and made it look like an bungalow. “Adhi. What name shall we give to this orphanage?” asked my brother. “Name it as Sakthi foundation trust, brother” I said to him. “Why my name, Adhi?” asked Sakthivel. “Because, you gave me this idea and you should be supportive for these children” I said to him.

So many children came to the orphanage and my brother took care of it. The children who suffered like us, were given a full support by us. Later, we took the evidences against Neelambari and Vikram and we started to eliminate the criminals one by one in Coimbatore district. “Sister. We are cheated” said Vikram. “What are you saying, Vikram?” asked Neelambari. “Those two police officers have fooled us and have eliminated our groups. Our drug store is also burnt by them completely” said Vikram. “Vikram. Those two have betrayed us. We must make them regret for their actions” said Neelambari. “Tell me sister. I will kill them into pieces” said Vikram. “If we kill them, they will die so easily. Their family should die instead of those two. Enquire about those police officer’s family” said Neelambari. “Ok sister” said Vikram. I informed the trust to Yazhini and she felt very happy for it. However, she was angry that I got a bribe. “Yazhini. Though I got the bribe, I didn’t support them” I said to her. “What!?” she exclaimed. “In bad, one good has occurred. However, we have closed all their nefarious activities the next moment after this work” I said to her. “Adhithya. But, be careful. They are very dangerous. If they learned your betrayal, they will do anything” said Yazhini. “I will be careful, Yazhini. You take care” I said to her. When we step into the police, it will be like a war. It’s also a challenge for us to fight against the criminals. As every police tells, they target over beloved ones instead of us. Now, Neelambari called me and I answered her call: “ASP Adhithya here. Tell me”

“How are you ASP? You have betrayed me and close all of my business.” Said Neelambari. “Yes. I got bribes from you and then, closed your business” I said to her. “You’re right. I know you have started an orphanage with your brother from my money.” Said Neelambari. She further said me, “Your brother, Your lover Yazhini, Your niece Pranathi and the one who belong to you closely will be killed one by one by our men. Get ready for it” “Hey, Neelambari…” and she hanged out the call. Troubles erupted for me and Sakthivel. We started to run for the protection of our family members. Our own police teammates betrayed us. Now Neelambari called me and said, “What ASP? Now how do you feel for this betrayal?” “Neelambari!!” I busted in anger. “Don’t shout. Now, your girlfriend Yazhini and your family will be killed in-front of you. Wait to see the show.” She said to me and hanged the call. “ASP Adhithya IPS. Delighted to see you” said Vikram. “Adhithya. Please save us.” My family and Yazhini screamed out. “See your family’s death, ASP Adhithya” said Vikram. I ran to save my family but, a henchman hit me and shot in my right chest. Seeing me, Sakthivel tried to save my family but, he too was brutally attacked and in-front of my eyes, Yazhini gets killed with my brother, sister-in-law and Pranathi also being killed. They set them in fire and leaves the place while Vikram stays there. Now, Neelambari calls and asks me, “Now How you feel, ASP Adhithya and ASP Sakthivel?” “Your family has been burnt completely, Sakthivel is also brutally attacked and you are left for dead… Adhithya…” I remained silent while she told me, “You have done a mistake, ASP. You thought will this old lady come and react for closing all of her illegal activities… But, you saw my reaction, right. So pity of your condition…” I still remained silent. She now further talks to me, “ASP Adhithya. Now, the next target is your orphanage in Peelamedu. Opened especially for orphans. If you can, save it during the Independence day. Bye” and she hanged out the call.

“ASP Sirs. Bye. Meet your death” said Vikram to me and he leaves the place. Now, I have to either survive or to save my orphanage trust. But, now no one is there for rescue of us. To the luck, Dr.Nandagopal’s elder daughter Ria spots me with her husband, Arjun, a cardiologist. Seeing both of us, they took us to the hospitals and calls her father, Nisha and Yamini. “What happened, Ria?” asked Nandagopal. “Dad. ASP Adhithya and ASP Sakthivel are heavily injured.” Said Ria. “What?” asked Nandagopal and he checked me and Sakthi. “Ria. Let’s inform to Adhithya’s senior police officers” said Nandagopal. “Why uncle?” asked Arjun. “Son-in-law. Sakthivel is brutally injured but, Adhithya has been shot in his right chest.” Said Nandagopal. “We know it, dad. Not only they, but, Adhithya’s entire family including, Yazhini was brutally killed by some groups.” Said Ria. “How do you know about it?” asked Nandagopal. “When We both were travelling towards Avinashi NH4, our car break downed suddenly. That time, we witnessed a group of men killing Adhithya’s families. We were unable to do anything that time. They too were fatally attacked. That time, I saw Neelambari and Vikram and analyzed that they are avenging them.” Said Arjun and Ria together. “Dad. We will keep them safely. Please don’t inform to the police.” Said Nisha. “Ok dear. First, Adhithya’s life is important rather than telling to police.” Said Nandagopal. They saved us from the attack and it nearly took five days for my recovery. After I woke up, I searched for my family and Yazhini. I screamed out, “Yazhini… Yazhini… Brother… Pranathi… Where are you all? Sakthi…. Where are you, dude?” The doctors tried to console me but, I doesn’t obey them. Now, Nandagopal and his daughters came to me with Sakthivel. I asked Sakthivel, “Sakthi. Where is Yazhini and my family? Have you saved them?” He remained silent and doesn’t utter a single word. “Why are you silent, Sakthi? What happened?” I asked him with fear. “Adhithya. First, you take rest for some time.” Said Sakthivel. “No, Sakthi. I have to know what happened for them.” I said stubbornly. “They are dead. In-front of you and me they were killed by Neelambari’s men, Adhithya. Is it enough for you, now?” said Sakthivel. I got heartbroken and shed tears, throwing the glasses. “Adhithya. Calm down, please. I can’t able to see you like this” said Sakthivel. Now, I turned to Nandagopal and asked, “Uncle. I have to see Yazhini and my brother’s body before being cremated.” Seeing their silence, I rushed to the mortuary. I was been followed by Nisha, Ria, Arjun, Sakthivel and Nandagopal. “No Adhi. Don’t see their body… I beg you.. Please” cried Sakthivel. I pushed him and rushed to see their body. Seeing them being burnt completely, my heartbeat got stopped. I immediately goes to my room and broke down completely. For the next three days, I remained silent and later on, remembered that, my orphanage trust will be blasted by Neelambari and Vikram during the independence day. I met Nandagopal. He warmly welcomed me. “How is your health now, Adhi?” He asked me.

“Fairly better, Uncle. I have decided to rejoin on 14th August with Sakthivel.” “No, Adhi. Forget the police… I doesn’t wish to lose you like your brother.” Said Ria and Nisha. “Ria and Nisha. Please be quiet. Now only, he has recovered from the sad past. Why are you remembering him, again?” said Arjun and Nandagopal. “Because, I love Adhithya, very much from childhood. I doesn’t wish to lose him like Yazhini.” Said Nisha. “Have you heard this, Adhi? Do you know how much Nisha loves you? It was she, who took care of you in those five days.” Said Ria and Sakthivel, who came just the time when we were talking. “I am not in the position to give the respect for love. Still, I have Yazhini in my mind. I told I will take charge on 14th. But, today, itself I decided to take charge as ASP.” I said to them. “I told you not to speak about Nisha with Adhithya. He is already upset with Yazhini’s death.” Said Arjun and Nandagopal. “I know it, dad. But, will she come back again? Or Will Adhithya live his life remembering about Yazhini? There is life after this. He has to move on in his life” said Ria. “Oh, Yes. As an aged man, I should have thought this” said Nandagopal. “I am sorry, Ria. Now, I understood the reason for your behavior with Adhithya” said Arjun. “I loved him because of his immense affection towards children. But, I hasn’t learned his mad love for Yazhini” said Nisha. “It’s god’s decision for every human’s welfare” said Ria. Adhithya decides to reform Neelambari and Vikram instead of killing them though they have killed his family members. He met Neelambari and they are surprised to see him. “ASP Adhithya. Have you survived the attack? I see to it.” She said to me. “I have survived, Madam. But, I has come in-order to show a place for you. Can you please come with me?” I asked to her. “I am delighted to come” said Neelambari. “Are you kidding with us, you ASP?” Asked Vikram. “Be quiet Vikram. Let’s see what he does!” said Neelambari. “Sakthivel. Take the car to our orphanage.” I said to him. “Ok, Adhithya.” And he took towards the orphanage trust. I turned towards Neelambari and asked her to come with us to the orphanage. “Madam. See these childrens. Vikram, you also see them. You thought money is everything. But, there is a life other than money also.” Said Sakthivel. Now, I asked them, “We have took your money. But, see how many of them have got benefitted because of your money. Have those drugs or other illegal activities, benefitted you?”

Sakthivel said to them, “Take this. We have transformed this property in your names.” “At least, now leave the illegal activities and lead a peaceful life. Good Bye, madam.” I said to her. Neelambari has a change of heart and said to us, “I have caused so many hurdles in your life. But, you both, have forgot those, and has shown me the value of life and humanity. Both of you are a Great and good soul.” “Forgive me, Adhithya” said Vikram and he cried out. “Sir. You are elder to me. How can you say these words? Please get up.” Said Sakthivel. “At least now, you have reformed. Lead a good and peaceful life” I said to them. We both left the place and now, Vikram asks Neelambari, “Sister. They have shown us the importance of good life.” “Yes, Vikram. Let’s live a peaceful life” said Neelambari. Later, I reconciled with Nandagopal’s family while still I and Sakthivel are under police job and I accepted Nisha’s love. The JCP of Coimbatore district calls me and asks, “Hi Adhithya. How are you?” “I am fine sir.” “What are you doing? He asked me. “A girl told me, If I realize the importance of family, I will spend the time with them at least for a day. I am in that duty, sir.” I gladly said to him. “How is Nisha?” asked JCP. “She is fine, sir. We are planned to get married under Nandagopal’s guidance on the coming February sir.” I said to him. “Adhithya. You and Sakthivel have another challenge to fight a criminal which you both, love.” Said JCP. “A terrorist, Dawood Khan. Am I right sir?” I asked to him. “Yes. You are now transferred to Bangalore for finding about their evil plans.” He said to me. “I will take care of it sir. Jai Hind” and I hanged the call. “Sakthi” I called him. “Yes Adhi. Any important news?” He asked me. “We have to run for solving a new challenge. Shall we get ready for it?” I asked him. Sakthivel laughed and asked me, “Is it a race or run, Adhithya?” “It’s our wish. Either a race or a run, we have to decide it according to the criminals.” I said to him. “Ok. Let’s see into it.” said Sakthivel. We are ready to fight for an other challenge.

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