Being a woman:
Being a woman: woman stories

adg_95 This gives me anxiety.
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Just some things I’ve experienced and heard.

Being a woman:

I am many things, the most identifiable is woman. This comes with a lot of positive things. One being a body that is so wonderful it can grow another.

At the same time our bodies are seen as objects. We are defined by the size of our breasts, butts and stomachs. It's impossible to be perfect but that's what we're lead to believe we need to be.

Certain clothes, makeup/hair styles are deemed lady like. If you choose to stray you aren't a lady. You choose to look like a lady and your fragile, evening coming off as someone's trophy.

Wear more, you’re a prude. Wear less, you’re a slut. Try to be comfortable in your skin? How dare you. Skinny? Need to eat more! Chubby? You could be skinnier. Fat? Lose some weight cow. Have acne? Disgusting. Have normal body hair? You need to shave because I can smell you from here.

Walking in the dark is terrifying. People slumming in dark alleys, under cars and even in your backseat to capture you. Look in the direction of a man and they believe you want them.

Choose to be queer you become the most interesting person to men. Some even believe they can "dick you straight.”

Walk into a gas station and all eyes turn to you because "Damn, you're beautiful girl. Give me your number." Don't try to say no. "You're ugly and fat anyways you smelly bitch.”

If you hear those words you may come off easy, sometimes we end up bloody and bruised. Woman are beautiful and deserve the world. Treat them better.

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