Our Beginnings
Our Beginnings historical stories

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The oldest tale to exist

Our Beginnings

During the beginning days, before our eldest guardians were born to walk our earth, before the saints blessed us with their lives, and the sinners cursed us with their minds, the one outside our world granted the gift of forever live onto two of it's creations.

One a wolf, born with hunger in her heart and gluttony in her eyes.

She was the leader, the one who brought home game for her people, who perished faster each day due to the illness she also suffered from.

She led gracefully for 2 years, before the pack thought her sickness had caught up with her, and her spirit no longer could carry on.

A pile of the softest leaves and brush in the forest were given to her to lay her final rest. Only it never came for her.

Her breath still wavered with pain and agony as her body ate herself from the inside out. During that time, a long one came to investigate her body. It was clearly a babe, not yet blessed with the height that would come later in its life.

She would never hurt a child, there was no chance it could fight back if she were to pounce, it could not run. However when she could only think of how easy it would be, she knew the best thing she could give to the child was a fast death.

In minutes only small bones were left to show the life that had been taken too early.

She mourned in silence over the bones, before realising the ache in her body was gone. This small piece of meat satisfied weeks of hunger.

No kit or doe has ever satisfied her to that extent before. The wolf found her pack, and gave them news of what had happened.

She would never share the grace that came upon her to keep her going was but a small babe, so she told them a group of adult long ones had came to skin her corpse,

and that is when she had striked. She explained the relief she felt when eating the long ones, how it felt like she could fight thousands of her kind once she finished the bodies.

Her pack was astonished by the information, but still excited. A cure had been found for their disease of a stomach. It took but one moon rise until they had found a small village of long ones. They took an older, weak long one first.

The wolf stood by as they feasted on the meat they had hunted, feeling their hunger satiated a last, if not for a few moments.

They agreed to let the long ones have one moon rise of peace before they attacked.

They all made it as painless as possible, especially for the young ones who watched as their parents were ripped to shreds by the monsters, in hopes that in the outside world they would not remember what they had saw. For the first time in years, the pack was fed. Every wolf and cub slept peacefully that night.

The wolf didn't sleep that night, she only looked towards the moon, feeling a euphoria as she had found the way to keep her pack safe and fed.

She would lead her pack to success, no matter the sacrifice it would take.

___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

The other was but a child in one of the first villages to be founded. Born into a family of 3, they weren't normal. They're mind worked differently.

When they found themselves at the age of 12, they and another child were told to find the same thing,

"Food for our people for the night, and for forever,"

The child brought back the carcass of a bull, saying the flesh of the animal would provide for at least 2 days.

The other child brought back a herd of calves, saying that having them grow and nurtured would provide the people for years.

The village appreciated the herd more than the corpse, and rewarded the small shepherd, while neglecting the child.

They were terrorised by a small group of their peers, 4 people continuously poked and picked on them.

It came to a climax when the sun was barely gracing the sky, they cornered the child outside where others could see, and stoned them to death.

It went on for hours until the group was sure the body wouldn't be recognizable if anyone were to find it. They left the body to rot, and for the Earth to swallow and reclaim their soul.

It never happened. When the sun was it's highest in the sky, they had risen back up and walked back to their village. People stared in awe and ran in horror at the corpse that could walk.

Skin still hung off their body and rocks stuck into the muscle and lodged in their face. They called for a meeting, and yelled for their murderers to stand in front of their people.

"These children in front of you today are God's demise, what will happen if you do not stop these demon's actions from transpiring,"

"They took me into the plains and took nature's job into their own hands, attempting to end my life, and disobeying God in the process,"

" I am the ache when you are hit. I am the headache when you are reckless. I am God's disciple for paying back ruthless scum who think they have knowledge on who needs to die,"

"They watched as my life drained from my body and laughed. This does not happen naturally. No creation finds joy in killing something randomly and for no reason,"

I was not hurting them, so they weren't fighting back.

"They were fed and groomed by the adults that made them rise up this way, so they were not hungry and desperate for whatever food they could get,"

"I was alive and happy, no pain in my eyes or sorrow in my heart, so mercy wasn't involved in the slaughter,"

"I am the guardian sent down by God to protect those who cannot defend themselves,"

"I am the only one besides our unearthly parents who can decide if someone's misdoings are enough for their life to end, and I know from deep inside my body,"

"These monsters deserve no remorse for their actions,"

"I ask for you to end them as they tried to end me, pick up whatever object is near you, and hurtle it into their skull's until they move no more,"

"When their bodies' are no more than paste on the ground, will I consider this wrongdoing paid for,"

The 4 were lined up against a shack, and pummeled into the Earth with rock and slate near them. Before long they were food for whatever wildlife was to come upon it.

The child returned to their family, all healed from their attack and as calm as before it all took place. They slept peacefully.

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