The Man with the Newspaper (original)
The Man with the Newspaper (original) suicide stories

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This is The Man with the Newspaper as it was originally told to me. There are some parts that could I would like to fix the grammar/spelling, but I feel as if that would take away from its originality.
I have retold this in my own words, if anyone else wants to read it.
Please. Enjoy.

By: A suicidal person

The Man with the Newspaper (original)

by A suicidal person

Yea but it felt weird

Like I was walking in the park

And there was this guy on a bench reading a newspaper

So I sat down like wassup bitch it's dark out why u here

N the guy showed me the newspaper and it was all the good shit I did and will do

And he flipped a page and it showed all the bad

I never saw his face but like a bright light was where his head should be

N he said "Careful of the choices you make because not always those that are easy lead to the best outcomes."

Then I woke up

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