I'll miss you, buddy
I'll miss you, buddy miss stories

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In the memory of Toby. R.I.P., buddy.

I'll miss you, buddy

I remember when I first met you. I had been begging my parents for my first pet for ages at that point. That was almost 14 years ago.

We were comming back from a family trip, when we saw a sign that went along the lines of "Adopt a dog!". I didn't shut up until they parked the car.

There we were, looking at so many dogs; and then I saw you. A beautiful, white, mini-poodle puppy. My father was looking at some other dog, but I put my 7 year old foot down.

And that's the best choice I could have ever made. The kindest friend, and the perfect pet: the perfect companion. Never chewed on furniture, never made any messes.

Allways received us with a wiggly tail when we got home.

The closest thing to a mess that you ever did was eating the piece of cake that my mom put on the bed while she searched for something in her purse.

And that was the most hillarious memory of them all.

And you ate practically anything . You ate artichove leaves... whole. You had a fine taste for cheese too.

Of course, I was a little kid at the time. Sometimes I saw you as a chore. Sometimes I pulled pranks on you.

I regret a very specific one: I put Listerine sheets on your tongue because you had a stinky breath... I'm sorry that I laughed. I regretted it as an adult.

Anyways, I knew something was different about you today. You wouldn't eat that piece of cake that had your medicine on it.

That's when the thought crossed my mind, but I decided to not pay attention.

I was lucky that I was even awake when it happened. There I was, having a smoke in the kitchen, when you came in.

I thought that you were just going to take a leak, as usual; but you just sat there, as if you were unable to move... it's almost as if you wanted me to know that it was time.

When I picked you up, you couldn't hold your head up. I caried you to your bed, and you didn't settle on it. You started breathing so shallowly. It was time to wake up my parents.

We all gathered and sat beside you as you left. We cried, but were glad you finally had your well deserved rest.

I'll miss you boy. Rest in peace.

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