Our time is over
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Our time is over. Sometimes I do not think it even began...

Our time is over

Prose by adelinefecker

Our time is over

Sometimes I do not think it even began

Sometimes I think the months and months

I thought I was spending with you were really months and months I was losing myself.

I can be optimistic about the shock

of looking at my reflection at the end of us and not knowing who I was seeing.

But the realization

that I had truly lost my own name hit me like a train.

The realization that I gave it to you so willingly.

Gave you everything my name meant and everything it could inspire.

It hit me.

Over and over

Our time is over.

I am determined to write a new name for myself that people like you would never dare to touch.

I am not being vindictive

when I say I will not falter again.

I am not being vindictive

when I say you have revealed all the hiding spots of cowardice.

And I’m still learning to be grateful for that gift.

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