Friendship Break Ups Are Real

adelinefeckerDeep thoughts over coffee...
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Friendship break ups- No one talks about them but they are a very real thing. I know from personal experience how hard it is to move on, but it is possible. Read more!

Friendship Break Ups Are Real

by adelinefecker

No one seems to talk about them

Friendship break ups are worse than romantic break ups because there are no set rules. After a romantic break up there are clear boundaries to protect our emotions.

Moving on is difficult

It took months for me to move on from my best friend because I constantly saw her at school events. We were part of the same friend group making her impossible to avoid

It gets better

Even though it was hard to see her, I kept reminding myself of why we broke up. I knew that I was did the right thing. Most importantly, I focused on myself and my other friends, rather than her.

Don't despair!

As much as we try to choose our friends wisely, we can't predict the future. Just because the friendship ended does not mean it was not worth it.

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Great subject to cover. This was very analytical and well communicated. You have to be true to yourself. We are more likely to break up with a girlfriend/boyfriend for something petty, perceived infidelity or imaginary slight. While with a friend, it is usually a much deeper and important incompatibility. Well made poem.

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friendship breakups are often even harder :(