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adelinefeckerDeep thoughts over coffee...
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​Heartbreak becomes grief becomes acceptance. The last stage is burial.


Prose by adelinefecker

My emotions were buried

under a thousand of pounds of overthinking, so missing you did not weigh me down and push me into the center of the earth, it just stirred.

Under a fog I could feel something on my heart

whenever I thought of you and I could not touch it.

I could not bring it to the surface of my mind to breathe.

It suffered underneath.

Is there such a thing as overprocessing?

I have turned you over and over in my mind.

When someone's dies

You bury them

When someone's love dies

You bury them

You don't leave the bones out

to become skeleton ghosts. You don't let it fester inside your heart.

You use your mind.

Your mind is a spade, a shovel, and a coffin. Box it up. Nail it closed

And bury them

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