12.24.16 christmas stories
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adelinefecker Deep thoughts over coffee...
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For <a href="/play/sydney">@sydney</a> I hope you enjoy ---- From your secret santa


For @sydney

The sky is getting dark as the engine starts

and my heart is beating a little faster than I would like it to.

The girl on my right is hit with the last ray of daylight

And I forget what I'm trying to do

I finally untangle the words I want to say

And she looks impatient until I begin to exclaim

"Angel, you are the only woman for me!"

"I know it's hard to believe and it's Christmas​ eve but I can't wait any longer. Will you marry me?"

She just stares at the ring and laughs, "Sydney...

Eres mi alma, mi vida, mi sol."

She said it like a promise and we both just know.

We are each other's​ for this Christmas and all eternity

"Now can we go? Your​ parents are waiting!"

Merry Christmas!

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