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adegirly i'll never fit in
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my thoughts

I remember the day You came to my house Happy as hell Cause we've been around, Against everyone's thoughts And that's when I knew That you weren't the one.

On a dark day You can see it shining From a dark alley White with happiness Purity and grace Also tenderness.

Nobody would ever know How I feel When I touch a flower It goes deeper that than my skin Feeling like such a coward.

The nicest gift a girl could get They also work for funerals I bet A whole life stands behind a flower The birth, the death, the trust A fucking garden grows in everyone of us.

The scariest thing The littlest flower They're also annoying They have so much power They make women forget They causes men's death.

I wish I could enjoy them As everyone does Receiving smiles and love But that only 'cause They're beautiful That's true

But scary as hell Although not as much as you.

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