Just don't.
Just don't. family stories

adegirly i'll never fit in
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i'm gonna move away soon, scary.

Just don't.

I've sent you my heart.

I've kept yours with me

My actions all are because of you.

And since I'm lonely now

I'm thinking about you.

I'm leaving you, but don't be mad.

I'm not hurt and not surprised.

Nothing happened to me

Just trying to be nice.

My whole love goes to you

But since it'll all be over

You don't care, do you?

You told me love is powerful,

But where's your love?

Compassion, hugs and smiles

Great memories are so far away

It almost didn't happen.

I'm gonna leave, but what I'll do with you?

The first person I've loved,

The second, The third.

My whole reality

It'll all be over soon.

I'll be alone and what I'm gonna do.

Just don't.

Don't tell me to go

Don't leave me

Don't make me deal with life

Don't let me forget you.

I'm scared to go away.

You're all I've ever known.

You're all I've ever loved.

My whole life happened because of you.

Just don't.

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