Those Eyes-Season 2: Ch. 2
Those Eyes-Season 2: Ch. 2 taehyung stories

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It's crazy how much music I heard to find which one gave the best vibe while reading ngl lol hope you enjoy V at his hottest bishes

Those Eyes-Season 2: Ch. 2

Listen to Either The Truth Untold by BTS Vocal Line or One Dance by Drake while you read. If you want to have feels then listen to truth untold and if you want tae making you feel some type of way then choose one dance. Lmk which one you choose! Links in the comments

"No. No way. Are you crazy?" Loren asked in disbelief. She knew everything. As Loren was my first friend since him, you told her everything. And as my best friend, she couldn't bare to see me with that b*tch.

I stood there, dumbfounded. "Yeah, I have that effect on people." Taehyung said with a smirk. "Shut up. How dare you talk to me. After everything you put me through." I said with gritted teeth. The others in the meeting were all confused as to why I was talking to him as if we knew eachother.

I noticed their confused stares. "He fucking made me want to kill myself in school. I hurt myself and my mom because of him. I never want to see him again." By the time I finished talking I was on the verge of tears. I looked over at V. He had a look of regret on his face.

But he soon recovered and returned his usual scowl that I so despised. "You think I want to do this? Act like I'm with someone as stupid as you?" He quickly said. I scoffed. "I'm about three seconds away from slapping that scowl off your pretty face." Loren vented.

"Pretty? Well thanks. You're not too bad yourself." Taehyung smirked and winked. (UWU can't find a less cute wink hes too adorable) Loren looked away in disgust. "You guys have to do this." And then everyone left. It was just me, Loren, and Taehyung.

Loren gave me a small smile. "I'll wait for you outside." And then there were two. There was lots of tension in the air. V was avoiding your gaze, while you were glaring right at him intently. "If you always look at me like that, no one will believe this is real."

"Good. I never lie or hide anything from my fans. If they find out I'll hate myself more than they'll hate me." "Well then make this look believable. Tomorrow we have a photoshoot before your concert so we can announce our 'relationship'."

"And I'm not insolent towards everyone. Just you. I care about my fans too. So you better fucking make this seem believable bitch. Let's just lead them on so we can 'break up' already." And with that he stomped out of the room...

Hey! I just wanted to say sorry about how this is turning into a Taehyung imagine. Don't worry! I didn't forget Daniel. I have big plans forward. And I am so sorry if i offended you by making Tae seem like a bitch. He's nothing like that and I am aware. He is adorable and I love him.

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