Those Eyes- Chapter 4
Those Eyes- Chapter 4 danielseavey stories

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"I've never had a friend. Why do you choose me? I have nothing. No money, No gifts. You could be friends with anyone. Why me?"

Those Eyes- Chapter 4

~Next Day~ I was walking to the music room. Honestly, I was scared. I knew what kind of an effect Daniel had on me. He would make me think it was a good idea to join the talent show. What a lie. Also, I have never sang in front of anyone before. Daniel is the very first. Even my mom doesn't know.

I subconsciously pulled my sleeves down as I heard footsteps. "Hey! I was worried you wouldn't come." Daniel said as he walked in. "I always keep my word." I replied. "Well, Get your guitar and lets start!" Daniel said, a big smile on his face.

I picked up the guitar and started strumming my favorite song. ( You decide between What a Wonderful World, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, or Deep in the Meadow) "God, I love that song. I used to play it with my dad when I was younger." He said. "Yeah, I wouldn't know. My dad left before I was born. It's just me and Mom." I said

"I'm sorry. He's really missing out. You're an amazing person. You're pretty, creative, and your voice is angelic." He said. I didn't know how to reply. no ones ever said anything like that to me. "Wow. Why are you so nice to me?" I asked. "I just want a real friend." He said.

"I've never had a friend. Why do you choose me? I have nothing. No money, No gifts. You could be friends with anyone. Why me?" I asked. "Because you genuinely seem like an amazing person and if I can have anyone as my friend then I want you. As my friend." He said. I smiled. A real, but small, smile. I haven't smiled in a long time.

"I'll be your friend." I quietly said. He smiled. After that, we sang a few songs, talked, and laughed together. "Why do you keep pulling your sleeves down?" He asked me as I put the guitars away. It was getting late and my mom would get worried. "Oh no reason." I quicky said. "Then let me see your arm Al."

He looked at me with serious eyes. "I'm fine. There's nothing there, okay? Don't worry." "Alice. Give me your arm." He gently grabbed my arm and puled the sleeve up as I winced, waiting for him to call me weak and walk away.

"Alice. Look at me." Daniel said with a shaky breath. I looked up. He was crying. I pulled away and picked up all my stuff to exit the room. He ran after me. "Alice wait, please!" I stopped and started talking without turning around. "Daniel, there's a lot you don't know about me.

"Then tell me. I can help you." He said. I scoffed and turned around. "Sure you can. Daniel, I don't want you to take pity on me. Or anyone else. You will never understand how i feel-" "I won't. I know that. But i want to help. Please. Let me help you." He said while looking straight into my eyes.

"Ok." Little did I know, That was the start of a crazy rollercoaster ride.

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