Those Eyes - Season 2 : Ch. 7
Those Eyes - Season 2 : Ch. 7 danielseavey stories
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"Who said we wanted to talk?"

"Well then I'll be going"

"Cool. Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

Those Eyes - Season 2 : Ch. 7

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It's been a week since we've been working on the song. And lemme tell ya. OMFG IT'S A DREAM COME TRUE! Zayn really treats me like a friend, not some coworker. He's a dream. We got invited to the movie premiere. I'll go to the premiere red carpet walk, but not the movie. Cuz y'know what the movie is about right?

I'm bringing Bacon and Loren. I think they've really started to hit it off. They go out together more. Not on dates, but we'll get there.

Baekhyun and I were out deciding what I should wear in the music video. We stopped at a coffee shop. "You should ask Loren to the premiere." Baekhyun choked on his drink. "Are you crazy? No way." He said. "What are you so afraid of? She likes you back. I can tell."

"How do you know she does?" Baekhyun asked. "You two live with me. It's pretty easy to see." I rolled my eyes. "I don't live with you! I have my own apartment!" Baekhyun defended. "Oh, please. That apartments probably covered in dust bunnies. You always stay at my place."

"That's not the point. I can't ask her. What if she doesn't like me back?" He looked away. "She will. And if she doesn't, then at least you'll know." I said. After that we went to BigHit Entertainment. They called us to talk about the mock relationship plans. I had no idea what there was to plan. All we have to do is act lovey dovey in public.

š˜Žš˜°š˜µš˜µš˜¢ š˜¢š˜„š˜®š˜Ŗš˜µ, š˜µš˜©š˜¢š˜µ š˜£š˜¶š˜Ŗš˜­š˜„š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š˜Ŗš˜“ š˜£š˜¦š˜¢š˜¶š˜µš˜Ŗš˜§š˜¶š˜­. We walked in. "Alice Kingsley? Oh gosh I'm a huge fan. Sorry, the floor you want is floor 15. Room 492." A young woman at the front desk said. "Thank you so much! I hope we can talk sometime. Maybe later we can go out for some coffee." I smiled and walked off with Baekhyun.

"Alright Ms. Kingsley, it's great to have you here." š˜žš˜°š˜ø, š˜µš˜©š˜¦š˜“š˜¦ š˜±š˜¦š˜°š˜±š˜­š˜¦ š˜¢š˜³š˜¦ š˜¦š˜·š˜¦š˜Æ š˜Æš˜Ŗš˜¤š˜¦š˜³ š˜µš˜©š˜¢š˜Æ š˜µš˜©š˜¦ š˜±š˜¦š˜°š˜±š˜­š˜¦ š˜ š˜¢š˜¤š˜µš˜¶š˜¢š˜­š˜­š˜ŗ š˜øš˜°š˜³š˜¬ š˜§š˜°š˜³. Baekhyun leaned over. "You said that out loud you stupid." I face palmed. "You all heard nothing." Everyone chuckled. "Alright, tomorrow you and Mr. Kim will be going out."

"You want people to get some pictures of us together." Taehyung said. I looked up. All his bandmates are here. Which means all my bullies are here. I suddenly got nervous and uncomfortable. A few people noticed. Some of the bandmates gave sad looks. Others smirked. A few others looked at me with worried expressions. Baekhyun squeezed my hand.

"Yes, we want you to do an outing so people can see you two together. We don't want you too uncomfortable so if you want to make any suggestions that will make you feel at ease that's fine." I smiled. š˜Šš˜¢š˜Æ š˜ š˜“š˜øš˜Ŗš˜µš˜¤š˜© š˜­š˜¢š˜£š˜¦š˜­š˜“? "The boys said they wanted to speak to you in private, so" Everyone left except the bangtan boys and Baekhyun.

"Who said we wanted to talk?" Suga said. "Well then I'll be going" I started to get up. "Cool. Don't let the door hit you on the way out." Namjoon said. Suga, Taehyung, and Jin laughed. The other boys stayed silent. Baekhyun and I left.

š”øš•¦š•„š•™š• š•£ ā„™š•†š• "Why are you guys so mean to her hyungs?" The maknae, Jungkook asked. "Jungkook don't act all innocent now. You laughed with us too when we were in school." Jin said. "I didn't know how much pain we caused her." He said and left.

"Poor Kookie can't take a joke." Taehyung said. "Stop being assholes." Hoseok said and left. Jimin followed. "The f*ck?" Suga said. "I don't f*cking know." Namjoon replied.

š”øš•š•šš•”š•– ā„™š•†š• "I see why you hate them."Baekhyun said. I was about to reply when I heard someone yell. "Alice! Baekhyun! Wait!" We turned and saw Hoseok, Jimin, and Jungkook coming. "We have to say something." Hoseok said.

"What is it?" "We're sorry for our past. We were stupid." Jimin said. "Sorry doesn't change the fact that you never helped me. You sat and watched. And laughed." I felt nauseous. "We don't expect you to forgive us. But we had to apologize." Jungkook sadly said.

"I can't forgive you so quickly. But we'll see." I said. They all smiled. "We can accept that. Well we have to go. See you!" J-Hope smiled and the three left. "Wasn't expecting that." Baekhyun said. "You're telling me." I replied.

š”øš•¦š•„š•™š• š•£ ā„™š•†š• Daniel sat on his bed. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. All this time, all this feeling he had. For what? š˜‰š˜™š˜Œš˜ˆš˜’š˜š˜•š˜Ž š˜•š˜Œš˜žš˜š š˜š˜„š˜°š˜­š˜“ š˜ˆš˜­š˜Ŗš˜¤š˜¦ š˜’š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Øš˜“š˜­š˜¦š˜ŗ š˜¢š˜Æš˜„ š˜’š˜Ŗš˜® š˜›š˜¢š˜¦š˜©š˜ŗš˜¶š˜Æš˜Ø š˜°š˜§ š˜‰š˜›š˜š š˜“š˜¦š˜¦š˜® š˜µš˜° š˜£š˜¦ š˜„š˜¢š˜µš˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø?! š‘»š’˜š’ š’„š’‚š’ š’‘š’š’‚š’š š’‚š’• š’•š’‰š’‚š’• š’ˆš’‚š’Žš’†.

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